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The Winter Wonderland Murder Mystery Party

You're invited to the holiday party of the year! Betty Crosby, wife of famous football star Joseph Crosby, is hosting her annual Christmas Party fundraiser in her home. This year's theme is Winter Wonderland, and celebrities and society's elite are vying for an invitation.

The Phantom of the Theatre

The thing that everyone thought but never said was that the neighbourhood would be a much better place when he finally kicked the bucket. So when Alan Puckett was actually murdered, the list of suspects seemed never-ending.

The New Years Eve Murder Mystery Party

On New Years Eve, inside the Moxey Estate, a very special celebration is taking place, and the world is watching. At the stroke of midnight, a time-locked safe will be opened, revealing the biggest secret of infamous adventurer and archaeologist Holt Moxey's life.

Murder in the Alps Mystery Party Game Kit

High up in The Alps, a group gathers to enjoy the stunning views, romantic atmosphere and, of course, the best skiing in the world. As the group settles into the chalet, a gruesome discovery is made: A man lies dead outside the chalet, struck and stabbed with a set of ski poles!

Murder at the Seance Murder Mystery Party

Immerse yourself and your friends in an exhilarating journey of intrigue, secrets, and spectral whispers as you step into the shadowy secrets of The Murder at the Seance.

A Vampire Murder Mystery Party

Deep in the forest and miles from civilization, a castle sits high atop a mountain. This is home to a clan of vampires, the leader of which is about to be found staked in his coffin! Not everyone is who they seem in this classic vampire murder mystery party!

How Alan Puckett Kicked the Bucket Murder Mystery Party

The thing that everyone thought but never said was that the neighbourhood would be a much better place when he finally kicked the bucket. So when Alan Puckett was actually murdered, the list of suspects seemed never-ending.

The Halloween Party Murder Mystery

A Halloween-themed murder mystery party set in a house on Halloween. Can accommodate an unlimited number of players as sleuths or investigators. Instant download materials!

Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Party – Murder at Mardi Gras

The year is 1899 in New Orleans, and Mardi Gras celebrations are underway. Parade floats fill the streets and each evening, various Krewes throw lavish masked balls. You’re invited to the Calypso Ball, the inaugural ball hosted by the first-ever all-female krewe.

Murder at the Winery Murder Mystery Party Game

In a remote area of Italy, high above a hill, sits Girato Nel Buio Winery. To celebrate their third year releasing the special vintage "Organo", they are holding a tasting, to which some of the industry's elite have been invited. But just before the tasting can commence, a man is found murdered in the cellars! Who killed him and why? Things, and people, are not who they seem!

Murder at the Derby Murder Mystery Party Game

A double murder means two murders to investigate! Those attending the exclusive Millionaire's Row at the derby today have a unique opportunity - to greet the horse of their choice in the stables before the race. But when two bodies are found in one of the stable stalls and the horse inside is discovered missing, it's up to everyone to figure out the killer or killers and determine where the missing horse is, or scandal will befall these rich and famous derby enthusiasts!

Murder on the Continental Express

A train themed murder mystery party set on a train trip across Africa in the tradition of Murder on the Orient Express but in murder mystery party form. Can accommodate an unlimited number of players as sleuths or investigators. Instant download materials!

A Roman Murder Mystery Party Game

The year is 176 and Marcus Aurelius, one of two Emperors of Rome, has been off expanding the Roman Empire. He has returned to the Imperial Palace in Rome for two reasons: the birthday party of his daughter, Lucilla, and to complete the marriage arrangement between his only surviving son, Commodus, and a young woman named Drusa Clovius. But when Drusa is found murdered, it's up to everyone to find the killer - not only as justice for the victim, but also to prevent another war that the Roman Empire can ill afford!

Murder in Wonderland Mystery Party Game

It has been two weeks since Alice's initial visit to Wonderland, when she went on her crazy adventure after following a rabbit carrying a pocket watch. But when The Caterpillar is found murdered below his mushroom, Alice and all the other residents of Wonderland become suspects in a murder investigation, as well as under suspicion to determine who, or what, drove everyone in Wonderland mad!

A Hawaiian Homicide Murder Mystery Party Game

Aloha and welcome to the Make Kaka resort. The private beach offers a tranquil place for relaxation, which is where The Hula Hut, a small open-air hut selling hula dolls, is located. When one of the owners of The Hula Hut is found dead, killed with a coconut behind the hut, guests and staff alike suddenly find themselves suspects in a murder investigation!

Game of Realms Murder Mystery Party Game

Long ago, seven realms existed in relative peace and harmony, with one king ruling all the realms. While one king ruled them all, each realm retained their unique system of rule befitting their culture.

The Sly Mr. Foxx Murder Mystery Party Game Kit

A Great Gatsby-esque murder mystery party set in a mansion in the Roaring 20's. Find out who killed Dahlia Sparrow, but also the identity of The Sly Mr. Foxx and his mysterious reasons for inviting such a strange mix of people to his private party this evening!

Murder On The Lake Murder Mystery Party Game

Brizo Island... those lucky enough to own a cottage here can escape the big city and find peace and tranquility near one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. But Brizo Island is also a place full of secrets... secrets the residents will do anything to protect. When a man is found dead in the bay, those on the island are forced to find the killer or risk having their secrets uncovered!

Murder at Cherry Creek Saloon – A Wild West Mystery Game

It's 1857 and the California Gold Rush is just coming to an end. In the sleepy town of Cherry Creek, the saloon is the only source of entertainment for locals and those passing through en route to San Fransisco. Suddenly, a saloon brawl breaks out, and when the dust settles, one man is dead. Who killed him, and what became of the sac he wore on his belt?

1950s Murder Mystery Party Game

It's 1956 in Winter Springs, an idyllic town that is the personification of the 'dream life', with white picket fences line the streets, behind which live the happiest families! At least, that's what the residents of Winter Springs would have you believe...

Murder in Venice Masquerade Murder Mystery Game

A masquerade themed murder mystery party set in a building in Venice, Italy. but in murder mystery party form. Can accommodate an unlimited number of players as sleuths or investigators. Instant download materials!

Death By Chocolate Murder Mystery Party Game

World-famous chocolatier Olivier Venesse is an enigmatic man. Renowned for not only his chocolate, but also for his mysterious ability to change the lives of those who taste his wares, getting an audience with Olivier Venesse was a difficult process. Not only was he choosy about those he worked with, he also had a habit of disappearing for months at a time. Inevitably he would emerge from wherever he had been and begin working with clients once again. But tonight, his work will come to an end for good, as he has been found drowned in his own chocolate at his own retirement party!

Garden Party Murder Mystery Party Game

In the quiet town of Christie's Leigh, right next to the historic local church, sits Belladonna Manor. Having sat empty for years, Belladonna Manor is a mystery to the residents of Christie's Leigh. Prickly, high garden walls keep prying eyes from learning its secrets - and Belladonna Manor has plenty of secrets!

A Steampunk Murder Mystery Party

A Steampunk style murder Mystery set in 1857 where steam power rules, from the upper echelons of society to the gutters of London's Old Town. Can accommodate an unlimited number of players as sleuths or investigators. Instant download materials!

Murder at the 1980’s Prom Mystery Party Game

Gladstone High class of 1987 has gathered for their prom, and what a night it will be! The hair is big, the dresses are puffy and the social hierarchy is the stuff John Hughes movies are made of.

Mystery at the Match Theft Mystery Party

It's the day of the Fulton FC Championships, and all of the teams in the league are gearing up to see who will win the Zelder Trophy. But when the trophy is found in pieces in opposite ends of the clubhouse, the match takes a mysterious turn as the first game is put on hold to get to the bottom of a theft – if it was, indeed, a theft!

Mystery in Wonderland Party Game Kit

An Alice in Wonderland-themed non-murder mystery party set in Wonderland. Can accommodate an unlimited number of players as sleuths or investigators. Instant download materials!

Wizards: The Wands of Procyon Theft Mystery Party

Welcome, to Hyades School for Wizards! This castle, hidden high in the mountains, is the place for young wizards and witches to learn to use their magical powers. Recently, Hyades School for Wizards has become the temporary home of The Wands of Procyon – two wands so powerful they are said to have been used to form a hidden galaxy! But when the Wands of Procyon are stolen from their display case, magic is used to see who was in the Torchwood Room, where the wands were displayed, around the time of the theft. Suddenly some of Hyades School for Wizards' best students find themselves suspects in a theft! Secrets abound and not everyone is who they seem in this mystery designed for literature and magic-loving kids and adults!

Your Party Tip: The Post-Holiday Holiday Party

Happy New Year Hosts! You may think that sleeping off the New Years Eve party on New Years Day would be the end to your party season, but you would be wrong. As the holiday season is so busy, more and more people are planning their holiday parties into January – especially company parties. Did […]

Your Party Tip: How To Give A Toast

It could be argued that the art of giving a toast is dying, but if you aren’t in the habit of giving a toast at the beginning of a meal or event, we encourage you to give it a try! It’s the perfect way to bring dignity to an event while recognizing someone special – […]

Your Party Tip: Guests ask “What should I wear?”

As we enter the official “Entertaining Season”, our guests will begin to find themselves bouncing from party to party, some casual and some more dressy, and the two most common questions we receive as hosts are “What should I bring?” and “What should I wear?” The former we discussed last week, now we will discuss […]

Your Party Tip: Guests ask “What can I bring?”

There are two questions that we as hosts receive when a guest accepts an RSVP: “What can I bring?” and “What should I wear?” Let’s talk about the first question today! But first, let’s talk about psychology. WHAT? Yes, psychology plays a huge part in entertaining, as the best hosts realize. There are a lot […]

Your Party Tip: Costumes for the Costume-Reluctant

With Halloween entertaining (or any party with a theme, for that matter), we will always have a few reluctant people on our guest list – those reluctant to get dressed up. Some feel foolish doing so, but they attend the party anyhow. There are others who aren’t sure what to wear, and when they arrive […]

Your QUICK Party Tip: Flowers in season for Fall Entertaining

Flowers are the prettiest and easiest way to decorate for your event or party, but they can be expensive! Shop the flowers that are in season and add a bit of classy decor to your autumn party, regardless of the theme or reason! Lily Calla Lily (my personal favourite!) Dahlias Gerbera (get it in orange […]

Your QUICK Party Tip: Security

Regardless of whether your party is in your home or at a venue, if your guests must park out of sight, have someone walk them to their vehicles at the end of the evening.  

Party Tip: Hosts – Keep your cool! (And your guests’ cool too)

One of the trickiest parts of entertaining in the cooler months is maintaining the temperature of your home or venue to keep everyone comfortable. As the weather turns, we begin dressing lighter, so your guests will come dressed slightly on the warm side to begin with. As we prepare for our party, we keep the […]

Party Tip: Hosts – Give Your DD a Break!

After two pregnancies, I can tell you that it’s not always a compliment to be named the DD for the evening. Seriously, I was so tired of hearing “Oh, Leigh’s pregnant, she can drive everyone home!” that I wanted to go on a kicking spree and blame the pregnancy hormones for my insanity. While some […]

Party Tip: Hosts – This One Tip Allows All Guests To Get A Bit Cheesy!

These days, being a party host can be tricky, especially with all of the food preferences, allergies and intolerances people face these days! I was recently at a dinner party where there was a LOT of cheese. Bacon-wrapped jalapeno cream cheese appetizers (ooh!), gouda on toothpicks with pita crackers (ooooooh!) and the most delicious dip […]

Party Tip: Hosts – Selecting a Party Soundtrack the Easy Way

One of the best resources I have found as a party host are free online music streaming websites. I find them invaluable for easily curating a soundtrack for a party, regardless of the theme or purpose. My favourite is Songza, which I access from my iPhone and throw on my doc for flawless surround-sound (but […]

Party Tip: Hosts – Running behind? Do this!

Let’s face it, sometimes our best-laid plans run horribly late. When having guests for dinner, if you are running behind, make sure that if nothing else, you have something on the stove when your guests arrive. As long as the cooking is in progress, your guests won’t feel like they are NEVER going to eat. […]

Your Party Tip: A Cool Party Hosting Tip!

When freezing ice cubes for summer drinks and punch bowls, choose distilled water over tap or filtered. Distilled water will freeze clear, adding visual appeal for your guests!  

Your Party Tip: Banish the in-the-way buffet!

For large or more casual parties, the buffet-style food presentation is an easy answer, and it’s convenient for both hosts and guests – except when it’s not. The placement of your buffet table is actually quite important to the flow of your party, and I see it placed inconveniently at more parties than you would […]

Chocolate Shop

Chocolate and wine – a combination I didn’t believe could be delicious until my chef friend invited me to a chocolate and wine pairing party – and it was incredible! So, this Merlot-lover thought she would give it a try. There’s no denying it, it’s sweet! For the first sip, it may be all you […]

Party Tip: When should you hire a caterer?

As many party hosts know, the more you entertain, the more you feel as though you spend most of the time in the kitchen! Hiring a caterer is a great option for many hosts, but we know that cooking and serving your guests is half the fun! When should you hire a caterer? When your […]

Party Tip: When should you use a seating arrangement at your party?

When hosting a party that includes a sit-down dinner or a games table, many hosts will create a seating arrangement, while others will tell their guests to sit where they like. Some hosts swear by seating arrangements, while others feel it creates a stuffy atmosphere. But what does etiquette dictate? Traditionally, a seating arrangement is […]

Oscar Vanishes Theft Mystery Party

Director Elliot Vogel is hosting a party inside his Old Hollywood mansion and the festivities are in full swing. Suddenly, Sarah Westmore discovers that her Best Actress award has gone missing! Who stole it and why? Now some of Hollywood’s elite find themselves suspects in the disappearance of Sarah Westmore’s award

The League of Good Guys Murder Mystery Party

The members of The League of Good Guys have met at IronGuy's mansion to have their usual meeting in IronGuy's secret underground meeting room. But when a controversial alloy that IronGuy has created goes missing and then his butler is found dead, it becomes apparent that one of the heroes has turned villainous. It's up to all the heroes to question the suspects to find the killer and the thief in their midst!

Wizard of Oz Kids Murder Mystery Party

A murder mystery party with suspects based on L. Frank Baum’s classic book, The Wizard of Oz. Can accommodate an unlimited number of players as sleuths or investigators. Instant download materials!

Party Hosting Tip – An Easy Tip To Set Your Party Guests At Ease

There are always guests who offer to help out at your party, and we as hosts tend to tell them no. We are naturally inclined to tell them to sit back, relax and enjoy our party while we do all the work, because we want to be hospitable. After all, they are the GUEST! They […]

Party Hosting Tip – Setting A Dress Code

Declare a dress code for your party, even if it is just something simple, like “cocktail party dress”. Setting a dress code has two major advantages; first, it helps your guests figure out what to wear, and also what to expect at your party. We have all been in the position where we have worried […]

Party Hosting Tip – RSVP’s

Set a deadline for RSVPs, and clearly communicate this deadline with your guests on the invitation, or when you invite them in person. This is especially important if you are having any sort of activity (ie: a murder mystery, a White Elephant gift exchange etc) and also if you are providing food, especially a sit-down […]

Tips for Throwing a Bachelor Party with Class

Last week we discussed throwing a bachelorette party for the bride-to-be. This week, let’s focus on throwing a party for the bachelor – one that won’t end his marriage before it even begins. We all know what a bachelor party is “supposed” to look like. It involves high levels of drunkenness and debauchery, and it […]

4 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Is your best friend tying the knot? As her maid of honor, it’s your job to plan a great bachelorette party for her. Now, we know what most people think of when they hear the words “bachelorette party”. They think of an obnoxious group of ladies on a pub-crawl, screaming, giggling, waving around straws and […]

Throw an Unforgettable Pool Party This July

It’s summer. It’s time to relax and enjoy a day by the pool. When everybody gets hungry, you can just fire up the grill and serve up some hotdogs and hamburgers. The kids love splashing in the pool. The adults love dipping their toes in and lounging around, soaking up some rays. As great as […]

3 Great Themed Pool Party Ideas for June

The mercury is rising. Sundresses have been spotted. Pasty legs and arms are getting tan again. That’s right, summer is coming! It’s time to uncover the pool and invite some friends over for a dip. You could just tell everyone to bring a 6-pack, or you could make your pool the place to be this […]

Throw a Spring Party for Kids of All Ages

Springtime is the right time for outdoor parties. A lot of kids are born in spring, so it’s also the time for a lot of children’s birthday parties. You don’t have to choose between having a party for the kids and a party for the adults. If you follow these tips, everyone at the party […]

Games to Entertain the Kids at a Garden Party

When springtime comes around, it’s only natural to want to get everyone together for a garden party. If you’re not careful, though, it’s easy to make the party all about your kids and exclude your friends who don’t have kids of their own. On the other hand, you can just as easily fall into the […]

Tips for a Great Spring Garden Party

It’s finally springtime! The weather is warming up. Trees are turning green, and flowers are starting to bloom. There’s no better way to shake off the cold of a long winter than by embracing the warmth of spring with a garden party. You can really kick off the warmer months right when you follow these […]

Throw a Tea Party for Kids and Adults

Young girls have been throwing tea parties for their stuffed animals, their parents, and the neighbourhood kids for so long that the tea party has become something of a rite of passage for little girls. With that in mind, wouldn’t it be fun to throw a tea party for yourself, your friends, and your kids […]

Signature Spring Drinks for Any Party

If you’re throwing a spring-themed party, then we need to talk about what your guests will be drinking. Whether this is a formal garden party, or you’re just having friends over to test out the new grill, there’s a great springtime drink for every occasion. You can mix it up in a punchbowl or serve […]

Bye-Bye Winter! Spring Party Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

After a long winter, you might find yourself craving some social time with your friends. You’ll definitely find yourself craving some time out in the warm sunshine. The time for staying in by the fire is over. It’s time to dust off the sundresses and Bermuda shorts. In short, it’s time for a spring-themed party! […]

Great Food and Drink Tips for a Spring-Themed Party

If you’re planning a spring-themed party, celebrating warmer weather and dusting off the grill, you’ll want to make sure that you serve appropriate food and drinks. You obviously won’t be serving hot cocoa and chili, but what will you be serving? A few things come to mind automatically, when you think of spring and spring […]

Host an Outdoor Dinner Party This Spring

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, you’ll want to get together with your friends more often and enjoy the mild weather. Middle to late spring is a great time to host a fun and fancy outdoor dinner party. You can transform your backyard into a beautiful garden venue for a lovely […]

Three Easy and Unforgettable Spring Party Ideas

After a long and bitter cold winter, it’s time to celebrate warm weather and all of these budding blossoms. It’s time to get your friends out of hibernation and enjoy some sunshine. A lot of people have garden parties this time of year, but those aren’t the only springtime parties and events you can host. […]

How to Brighten Up Your Party Space

It’s spring! We’ve sprung ahead. We’re not getting up for work in the dark anymore. The days are getting longer. We’re ready to break out of our winter coats and end our social hibernations. It’s time for garden parties, grilling out, and sitting on the patio late into the evening with friends and family. If […]

Eavesdropping On Your Guests To Ensure Party Success

As the host or event facilitator, you should always be scanning your crowd to ensure that the party or event is unfolding at a good pace. When I host mystery events, during the “investigation” portion of the evening, I am constantly circulating, checking to see if my suspects have a drink and that the “buzz” in the room […]

Creating Your Party Agenda

We always focus on the planning part of throwing a party or event ? Everything that is before the party, but rarely do we focus on what happens while the party is going on. The truth is, we can plan everything down to the detail, but the party is actually about what happens at the party ? […]

Hosting a Small Party

It’s birthday season in our house. For the month of January, I am kept on my toes arranging birthday parties for my two sons, one of whom was born in January, and the other whose birthday falls almost exactly a month after, in February. I’m lucky, because my children are still so small that as long as there […]

Pelee Island 2011 Shiraz Wine Review

Pelee Island Shiraz – 2011 The first sip began with the fruity taste of sweet plum with a surprisingly mischievous, peppery kick and a dangerously comfortable finish. We enjoyed this Shiraz with a homemade, wonderfully garlicy roast, potatoes and roasted vegetables. Pair it with: A Flapper Murder at the 1920’s Speakeasy. This little Shiraz is […]

How to Decide the Theme of your Party

Some people hear the words “theme”and “party” and immediately envision togas or ugly sweaters. And while these certainly are types of party themes, the truth is that every party, regardless of how big, small, casual or formal, has a theme. There is a stark difference between a Theme Party and the Theme of a Party. […]

3 Reasons You Need To Make Lists While Planning Your Party

Most of us hosts are obsessive list-makers (and proud of it, thank you very much!). In fact, I have found that the better the host (or event planner), the more lists they create. While there are a thousand apps for party planning, organizing, reminding etc, I have found that most of us hosts have one […]

Hosting a “Costume Casual” Mystery Party

We are often asked why some of our mysteries don’t specify how the suspects should dress, and the simple answer is: “Not all of our mysteries have a pre-specified ‘theme'”. While some themes are obvious (for example, A Flapper Murder at the 1920’s Speakeasy or The Masquerade Murder), other mysteries are what we call “Costume […]

Creating the Perfect Guest List

One of the factors that can make or break a party is the guest list. Certain guests thrive in certain situations while shying away from others. When I put on a murder mystery, I invite different people than I would for my grandfather’s 89th birthday party. This is a simple comparison, but sometimes the lines […]

Having Fun At Your Own Party

The number one question I get asked by potential mystery party hosts is: “Can I have fun and solve the mystery too?” My answer, of course, is always, “Absolutely!” Immediately followed by one sentence that I think sums up my philosophy on hosting a party: “I believe that after all the work a host puts […]

4 Secrets for Last Minute Halloween Parties

For many of us hosts, life is so busy that one day we see a yard haunt as we’re driving down the street and realize that it’s October 24th. We check the calendar, slip out a swear word and wonder if it’s too late to do something fun for Halloween with friends. The answer is, […]

The Top Mystery Parties for Your July 4th, Independence Day Party!

What better time to throw a party than to celebrate American Independence Day. July 4th weekend is a time for celebration, and year after year our clients choose to spice up their party with a bit of intrigue… and murder! While most of our mysteries are seasonal, all bets are off when it comes to […]

Organising a Girls’ Weekend – Tips from Whimsical Artist Carmen Suter

Over the years we have amassed a small collection of murder mystery parties exclusively for women, including Murder at the Spa, The Bachelorette Party Murder, The Masquerade Murder, A Flapper Murder at the 1920’s Speakeasy and Salem Witches. Since we started launching these all-girl’s murder mystery party games, we realised that many of our clients, […]

Lori’s Singapore-Sling-Slush In A Bucket

You will need: 1/2 cup white sugar 4 cups water 1/2 cup grenadine syrup 1/2 cup cherry juice 1/2 cup lemon juice 1/2 cup cherry brandy liqueur 2 cups gin 2 1/2 cups pineapple juice 1 (6 ounce) can frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed 2 (2 liter) bottles lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage 46 maraschino cherries […]

One night in Dundalk

I was working on something earlier that got me thinking about this one night a bazillion years ago, long before I started Shot In The Dark Mysteries when I was in Corporate Canada and primarily writing fiction. It was one of the most ridiculous, crazy-Hollywood-movie type of evenings and I remembered I wrote a blog […]

Costume Ideas for The Mysterious Affair At Stirling Hall

Because The Mysterious Affair at Stirling Hall is designed to be played in the Regency (Georgian), Victorian or Edwardian era, the first step to deciding your costume is to find out from your host the era for which he or she are aiming. Regency (think Jane Austen) costumes are very different than that of the […]

How to Throw a Home Spa Party

Whether you’re hosting the Murder at the Spa Mystery Party Game or just want a nice evening in with some girlfriends, hosting a home spa party is a great excuse to get together for some drinks, fresh food and relaxation. Throwing a spa party can be as simple or as complex as you like, depending […]

Zen Sayings and Quotes

Pursue not the outer entanglements, Dwell not in the inner Void, Be serene in he oneness of things, And dualism vanishes by itself. *** It is one’s own mind that creates illusions. Is this not the greatest self-contradiction? *** In the higher realm of true suchness, there is neither “self” nor “other”: when direct identification […]

Apothic Red Wine Review

Apothic Red Winemaker’s Blend – 2010 California We love a wine with a crafty, mysterious name. Apothic Red has just that. From their website: “More than 800 years ago, vintners blended and stored their most coveted concoctions in a mysterious place called Apotheca.” The first sip of Apothic Red is surprising, to say the least […]

Xanadu Next Of Kin Shiraz Wine Review

Xanadu Next Of Kin Shiraz – 2009 Australia At the first sip of Next of Kin shiraz, the taster is met with a spicey flavour, which ebbs slightly to reveal a distinct hint of cherries as surprising as a last-minute heir at the reading of a will. Pair it with: The Getty Affair. The victim […]

How to Throw an Anti-Valentines’ Day Murder Mystery Party

Each year, millions of people worldwide jump on the Valentines’ Day bandwagon, buying their significant others flowers, candy and procreating like mad. For millions of others though, Valentines’ Day represents something much different – the thought that society pushes the idea of co-existence on us all, that if we haven’t yet found our soul mate […]

A Quick Reference Guide for Party Invitation Lead Times

One question we receive a lot here at Shot In The Dark Mysteries is:  How far ahead of my party should I send guest invtations? Here’s a great at-a-glance reference tool for party lead times. For murder mystery-specific invitation advice, read HOW TO HANDLE MURDER MYSTERY INVITATIONS AND RSVP’S.

Throw a Party in a Small Space – 8 Easy Tricks

Apartment dweller? Shoe box home? You can still entertain in your house, you just need these tips to help you make the most of your space – and help your guests feel less like they’re in a sardine can and more like they’re in a cozy mingling area. Because of my husband’s profession, we move […]

Zen and the Art of Crafting a Fabulous Guest List

One of the factors that can make or break a party is the guest list. Certain guests thrive in certain situations while shying away from others. When I put on a murder mystery game party, I invite different people than I would for my grandfather’s 89th birthday party. This is a simple comparison, but sometimes […]

Junior Sleuths – Involving Kids in your Murder Mystery Party

One of the most common scenarios we hear from hosts that are parents or those holding family events is that there are one or two kids of varying ages. They may or may not be at the reading age and most of the time they may not have the skills required to take on a […]

6 Tips for Throwing Outdoor Parties

As summer winds down, many of us will be clinging to the nice weather and entertaining outdoors. As the days become shorter though, there are new party obstacles to overcome – mosquitoes, lack of visibility and other outdoor dangers are heightened when the sun goes down, so follow these tips to ensure you have a […]

Quick and Practical Tips for Throwing Interactive Mystery Parties

An “Interactive” murder mystery party is a truly unique format. Instead of sitting around reading scripts and performing embarassing tasks, your guests are up, mingling and interroging suspects to put together the clues and determine who had the motive, means and opportunity to commit murder. It’s a very liberating and incredibly easy format, which makes […]

But What About the Kids at an Adult Murder Mystery Party?

There’s nothing worse than receiving a declined RSVP from someone you really want at your party simply because they have to stay home with the kids. Most times, child care issues are just as disappointing for the person missing the mystery party as they are for the host or hostess. Babysitters are expensive, and if […]

Thank You Notes For Your Host

As the holidays wrap up and the New Year sinks in, we’re more compelled to look forward than look back. But in terms of proper party etiquette, there’s one more quick look back we all need to make, and that’s to give thanks to those who wined, dined and entertained us over the holiday season. […]

How to open a bottle of bubbly this New Years Eve

Did you know there’s actually a proper way to open a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine that will not only limit potential damage to your venue and guests, but also maintain the integrity of the bubbly? We should hope this is obvious, but just in case, step one is to remove the metal foil […]

1950s Vintage Hollywood Glamour Party Theme Costume Ideas

There were two eras associated with the 1950’s – the Hollywood Glamour era in the early 1950’s and the “Nifty Fifties” time frame that happened later in the decade. Murder at the Bourbon Club takes place at the start of the decade in the glamour era. Think Frank Sinatra, not Elvis Prestley, L.A. Confidential, not […]

Murder at Studio Paradise 1970’s Mystery Party Game

The year is 1979 and the disco has ruled for almost a decade. Each evening, celebrities, politicians and other social royalty attend Studio Paradise, while every-day people line up outside the doors, hoping for the chance to get into the exclusive club or, failing that, spot a celebrity. At first it seems like any other evening at Studio Paradise, but when the owner, Louis Savage, is found shot outside his office, the patrons become suspects as his killer is sought. It’s up to the patrons of Studio Paradise to determine who had the motive, means and opportunity to kill the owner of Studio Paradise!

Arrrrggg! Pirate speak to help you talk like buccaneer!

Pirate speak is a language in itself, and one of the best parts of throwing or participating in a pirate-themed party. To help you sneer like a true buccaneer, here’s a large list of pirate terms and their definitions. Select a few you’ll use at your pirate party or on International Talk Like a Pirate […]

PLAY! The Bachelorette Party Murder 10 Character Mystery Game

It’s Carmen Phillips’ last hurrah. Next week, she’s walking down the aisle to become Carmen Gore, marrying her dream man in a shotgun marriage following a whirlwind five month romance. Her best girlfriends gather to throw her a bachelorette party she’ll never forget. Against the bride’s wishes, a stripper is arranged, but before he can […]

The Birthday Party Murder Mystery Game

This "clean" murder mystery takes place at a birthday party with an unspecified venue and birthday honouree, which makes it perfect for any birthday party scenario! Flexible enough to fit into your unique party with an easy, fun and yet still compelling storyline.

Misterio Malbec Wine Review

Misterio Malbec – 2010 Mendoza, Argentina The first sip is a tangy shock, but it finishes nicely with fruity essences and a smoky aftertaste. Like any good mystery, this wine delivers a multi-layered sip, and lingers long after the final swallow. Pair it with: The multi-tiered plot of The Masquerade Murder, where the suspects are […]

The Ad Man Murder Mystery Party Game

Liquor, cigarettes and betrayal... it's time for the AdAge Convention at The Jury's Inn, gathering the top advertising reps of the 1960's in the same city. It doesn't matter how they spin this - murder is never good publicity.

So You’re Attending a Mystery Party…

Mystery parties are a lot of fun. If you have been invited to a mystery for the first time, you’re in for a real treat. How to play a murder mystery game at a party There has been a murder or a theft! (*gasp*!) But we all know that – that’s the reason we’re getting […]

1920s Slang Terms and Definitions

The Roaring 20’s gave birth to a number of new phrases – some of which are distinct to that era, and some of which are still used today. Here’s a large list of 1920’s slang. Pick a few words and phrases to use at your 1920’s-themed murder mystery party! And once your 1920s Slang is […]

Types of Do-It-Yourself Mystery Games Cont…

So now that you know about the difference between murder and non-murder mystery parties, kids’ parties and family-friendly games, the next item you need to know about is the FORM of game. There are only three types of mystery games, although they come in many formats depending on the game and the company providing the […]

Types of Do-It-Yourself Mystery Games

There are a number of different types of mystery party games, and the categories vary greatly depending on the company, which can be a bit confusing for someone just starting out with mystery party games. Here we will talk a bit about some of the most common types of mystery party games and what the […]

Top New Year’s Eve Party Recommendations

A show of hands… how many people got caught up planning Christmas and let New Year’s Eve fall by the wayside? It’s okay, you can admit it. Around the holidays it’s easy to get focused on the tree, presents and egg nog and forget about December 31st. But then, after the garland has lost its […]

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