How Many Characters for a Murder Mystery Party Game

25-50 People for your Murder Mystery Party or Event?

This number of people for a murder mystery party usually comes with a change of venue! We throw murder mystery parties locally where we are in conjunction with a local establishment that is 20s themed, so we have loads of examples of how to throw a murder mystery party with between twenty five and fifty guests!

For this number, we recommend choosing between one of our 8 character and 12 character (AKA ‘suspects’) murder mystery packages. This number is perfect for this group size, because you want to space the sleuths out a bit so your suspects aren’t bombarded. We don’t go any larger than 12 for this number of guests because we find that for larger mystery events, when using a larger number of suspects, it can get overwhelming for the sleuths to try to keep track – especially if they don’t know each other to begin with. Between eight and twelve suspect characters for a murder mystery party of between twenty five and fifty guests seems to be the magic number for the best results, and for your guests to enjoy themselves the most!

Who Gets To Be A Suspect?

We have various things we do to determine which of the guests gets to be a suspect, including casting by order of RSVP (to encourage guests to RSVP in a timely manner), who came best dressed to the last mystery event – we have even been offered bribes by regulars for a chance at being a suspect! Our hosts have told us that they have chosen based on personality – they give the suspect character roles to those in their group who are outgoing and love the spotlight. Do your guests have to be that way to be a suspect? Absolutely not! We actually provide a “Character Complexity Rating” in the Suspect List in your Host Materials folder that gives each suspect a rating out of five on how complicated the character’s backstory is, and therefore how much questioning they may get as information about them trickles out from the other suspects. If you know your guests well, then you can use any of these methods and your Character Complexity Ratings to make sure the right guests have the roles in order to have the mystery YOU envision for your party.

If you are hosting a mystery party or event for which you don’t know the attendees well or at all (ie: an evening of murder event, fundraiser or a public event at a local establishment), you can ask for volunteers or simply choose the guests who will be suspects at your discretion.


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