Each year, millions of people worldwide jump on the Valentines’ Day bandwagon, buying their significant others flowers, candy and procreating like mad. For millions of others though, Valentines’ Day represents something much different – the thought that society pushes the idea of co-existence on us all, that if we haven’t yet found our soul mate we’ve failed in some way, or that finding that “soul mate” will be the one thing that makes us happy and until then, lonely nights will be punctuated by annoying relatives constantly asking about our “love life” – or lack thereof.

With all that pressure, it’s no wonder that a sub-culture of Anti-Valentines’ Day enthusiasts has sprung up and banded together to celebrate the fact that they refuse to acknowledge Valentines’ Day. And the number one activity they choose for their parties are murder mystery games.

So, how does one go about throwing an Anti-Valentines’ Day Murder Mystery Party? Well, it’s actually pretty easy as long as the host uses an absolute disdain for the holiday.

Step 1: Select single friends or couples who tend to roll their eyes at the mention of Valentine’s Day

Everyone has their reasons for loving or hating Valentines’ Day. It’s not only single people who can be against the day – many couples refuse to participate in what they consider to be a “Greeting Card Holiday”. These people are perfect for your Anti-Valentines’ Day Party. But don’t rule out your friends who love Valentines’ Day, because they might just favour solving a murder mystery instead of sharing opposite ends of a piece of spagetti in a dim restaurant.

Step 2: Choose your murder mystery game

When you’re throwing an Anti-Valentines’ Day Party, any murder mystery will do. Remember, you’re throwing something that’s opposite of the day, so any theme you choose will work.

 Step 3: Gather RSVP’s

We always recommend getting an idea of how many people can attend your Anti-Valentines’ Day Party BEFORE you purchase an interactive mystery. Why? Because all of our mysteries come in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 suspects with an available optional witness Pack that gives you 2 additional characters that aren’t essential to the plot. The best way to know which version will suit your party is to find out how many people are coming, and how many of those guests want to be suspects and how many want to simply “investigate”. Depending on the group, everyone may want to be suspects and investigate while having the potential of being the killer themselves. Some, on the other hand, may be apprehensive because they’re first-timers or are just nervous because they don’t know what to expect, and they may prefer to simply “investigate” without taking on a character themselves. Because of the Interactive format, you can have unlimited “Investigators” – you just need to know ahead of time how many people will be “suspects” (or characters) and you can purchase the correct version for your party. For more on this, CLICK HERE.

 Step 4: Purchase the version of your chosen murder mystery party game that best matches you affirmative RSVP’S

This is the fun part – time to go shopping and pick the mystery game you like best!

 Step 5: Choose your decoration scheme

With the decorations for an Anti-Valentines’ Day Party, you can go one of two ways. The first way is generic. Decorate for the theme of your mystery, not for Valentines’ Day. Ban all mention of the holiday, and keep hearts and all things amorous out. The other way to decorate is to go all out with the Anti-Valentines’ Day theme! Decorate with “broken hearts”, dead cupid and black. If you’re ambitious, set up an Anti-V-day photo area (like you would find at a prom, for example) and snap pics of your guests throughout the party under the arch.

 Step 6: Follow the instructions and treat your anti-Valentine’s Day friends to a party they’ll never forget!

This step is pretty self-explanatory – just have fun! It’s all about keeping everyone from getting depressed on February 14th, so have a great time, let lose and enjoy the party.

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