Springtime is the right time for outdoor parties. A lot of kids are born in spring, so it’s also the time for a lot of children’s birthday parties. You don’t have to choose between having a party for the kids and a party for the adults. If you follow these tips, everyone at the party will have fun. The kids will enjoy themselves, and the adults will feel like big kids, themselves.

Baby Birthdays

If you have a young child, you probably have quite a few friends whom you’ve known since before your child was born. Those friends have been there with you through finding out that you were having a baby, the trials and blessings of a pregnancy, and all of the first months’ and years’ experiences. So it makes sense that you would want to include them in your child’s birthday party.

The first couple of years, your child will have fun with the other babies and toddlers that other parents bring to the birthday party, but the party will probably be more for the parents than the kids. You can all have the same kind of backyard parties you’ve always had come springtime.

However, as they get a little bit older, you’ll need to make sure that everyone watches their mouths and watches out for the kids. That’s when these tips come in handy, so you don’t have to choose between your friends with kids and your friend who don’t have kids of their own.

Pick a Fun Theme

Themes don’t necessarily necessitate costumes, but costume parties can be a lot of fun. After all, everyone loves a costume party. Your kids will love seeing you dress up, and you can all enjoy how cute the kids are in their costumes. Pick a theme for your costume party, though, and make it seasonally appropriate. Otherwise, it will just feel like you can’t wait for Halloween. Then again, your theme could be “We Can’t Wait for Halloween!”

On the other hand, you could save the costumes and just ask everyone to bring over Easter eggs to hide in the backyard for a good old-fashioned egg hunt with the kids.

Plan Activities and Bring Toys for the Kids

Kids can be pretty self-sufficient. If you give them a variety of toys, a sandbox, a jungle gym, and/or a few games, they’ll take off and run with it. All you’ll have to do is keep an eye out for their safety while you and your friends mingle and catch up. The great thing about a backyard gathering like this is everyone’s keeping an eye on the kids, so you know they’ll be safe.

If in Doubt, Get a Sitter

If you’re concerned about everyone having fun versus your guests looking out for and fretting over their children, there’s a simple solution. Hire a babysitter to keep track of the kids while the adults enjoy the party.

Remember, above all else, to keep the mood light. Let your kids play. Remind the adults to watch their mouths around the little ones, and everyone relax and enjoy the warm weather.

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