With Halloween entertaining (or any party with a theme, for that matter), we will always have a few reluctant people on our guest list – those reluctant to get dressed up. Some feel foolish doing so, but they attend the party anyhow.

There are others who aren’t sure what to wear, and when they arrive and see everyone else in costume or dressed for a theme, they can feel out of place, or under-dressed. I can’t count how many times I have had this happen when hosting private and public murder mystery fundraisers and events. So as a host, I started stocking costumes and attire.

Before a themed event, I will shop my local consignment store for low-priced dresses and/or suits that fit with the theme. I usually buy sizes with my guests in mind (bigger is always better, as a well-placed safety pin and some garment tape can do wonders in a pinch!). That way, if someone wants to swap out their attire or feels under-dressed or couldn’t find a costume, they don’t have to stick out as being THAT PERSON who didn’t dress up.