After two pregnancies, I can tell you that it’s not always a compliment to be named the DD for the evening. Seriously, I was so tired of hearing “Oh, Leigh’s pregnant, she can drive everyone home!” that I wanted to go on a kicking spree and blame the pregnancy hormones for my insanity.

While some people genuinely enjoy being a DD, I can say that about 98% of people would rather go home and hit the sack instead of driving a bunch of drunken idiots home at the end of the night. But, of course, we need to be responsible, so we take care of each other, and that’s wonderful, but in most cities, not necessary anymore. DD Services are popping up all over the place. Better (and in most cases, cheaper or comparable) to taking a taxi, a DD Service will come and drive your guest home in their car. Before your party, find a DD Service in your area and call ahead to get their information, rates etc, and keep the number handy for your guests to use when they are done for the evening. Guests can relax and have a few drinks, knowing that they, and their car, will get home safely at the end of the night regardless of how much they drink, and you as the host are doing a public service to keep us all safe.