Young girls have been throwing tea parties for their stuffed animals, their parents, and the neighbourhood kids for so long that the tea party has become something of a rite of passage for little girls. With that in mind, wouldn’t it be fun to throw a tea party for yourself, your friends, and your kids this spring?

Everyone loves dressing up now and then, and spring is the perfect time to pull out your fancy seersuckers and linen dresses. You could throw the adults a vintage garden party, complete with tea and springtime cocktails, like sangria, mojitos, and mint juleps. Meanwhile, set the kids up with their own table for their tea party, complete with lemonade or fruit punch in fancy-looking (plastic) tea cups.

To make sure that your party is a real success, you’ll want to make sure that the kids stay occupied. They won’t want to sit at that table drinking their “tea” and pretending to be sophisticated forever. In fact, that might not last more than 5-15 minutes, maybe a little bit longer if you add cookies to the “tea” menu. After that, though, you’ll have lost them to sugar highs. They’ll be ready to run around and be kids, whether you like it or not.

Plan Kid-Friendly Activities

After they’ve had their refreshments, it’s time to set up some activities to get the kids worn out before they go home. If you want to focus more on the adults you’ve invited and entertaining them, you can hire a babysitter to help with this part of the party. A few organized activities can keep your kids busy and having a great time, while you and your friends socialize and watch them.

A sack race is a great idea for this kind of party. If your children are dressed up in nicer clothes, you won’t want them to get covered in dirt and grass stains. Instead of letting them run around in their Sunday best, put them in big burlap sacks and see how far they can hop across the yard.

A Change of Clothes

Another idea for keeping their nice clothes clean is to advise everyone to bring a change of clothes and/or a bathing suit for after the tea portion of the tea party. Then set up a sprinkler in the backyard and let them run around. This is better for late spring parties, as it will be warmer then.

For parties in early spring, you might want to tell everyone to bring a change of clothes for running around in. Then you can set up a little obstacle course or a piñata for them to keep them active and happy while you enjoy catching up with their parents.

Combine Themes

Tea parties might seem a little bit “girly” to your friends’ sons, but you don’t want to exclude them. What can you do? Combine or layer themes. Have a super heroes and princesses tea party or a monsters and teddy bears picnic. Your kids can choose what appeals to them the most. Everyone wins, and everyone has a great time.

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