Some people hear the words “theme”and “party” and immediately envision togas or ugly sweaters. And while these certainly are types of party themes, the truth is that every party, regardless of how big, small, casual or formal, has a theme.

There is a stark difference between a Theme Party and the Theme of a Party. A theme is just a way to convey to everyone involved what they can expect at your party, as well as how to dress and act. For example, if you specify a “Cocktail Party” theme, it conveys a certain idea of what a guest can expect, as well as how to dress and how they will behave. Conversely, a “Kegger” or a Superbowl Party will give a completely different idea of what one can expect. So, while every party may not be a “theme party”, every party has a theme.

Identifying your party’s theme from the start will make the rest of the party planning process easier. Your theme can affect everything from the design of your invitations to the centerpiece at your table, to the food you serve to the activities you plan. It will guide you in every decision you make about your party, help you to set your budget, determine the food you need to have available, the cocktails you will serve, and the guests you will invite.

A theme can be an occasion, like a Christmas Party, Cinco De Mayo Party or Valentines’ Day. You could take your guest back in time with a bygone era, like The Roaring 20’s or Vintage Hollywood. A theme could be a major life event, like a Baby Shower, Engagement Party or Bachelorette Party. Your theme could be about a favourite book, TV show or location, like a 50 Shades of Grey party or a Walking Dead Zombie party or Hawaiian party. And finally, your theme could be an activity, like a Murder Mystery (which we HIGHLY recommend!), Dinner Party, Karaoke or an Ugly Sweater Contest.

Of course, the reason for your gathering could just be to pull together friends and loved ones in one place to connect. If this is the case and your theme isn’t obvious, you can still select a “theme” to guide you with your decorations, music, food etc. Pick one or two colours that resonate with you, and keep that theme as you purchase your decorations, table settings, invitations and party favours.

While not all parties are “theme parties”, all parties have a theme. Identify yours to make light work of your party planning and throw a party your guests will love!

Here are our top murder mystery themes for your party:

Masquerade Murder

Roaring 20’s/Flapper Murder

Edwardian/Georgian Murder Mystery

High Society/Mansion Murder Mystery

1950’s Vintage Hollywood

1960’s Advertising Boom Era


Bachelorette Party Murder Mystery

Spa Party Murder Mystery

Christmas Party Murder Mystery

Birthday Party Murder Mystery

Halloween Party Murder Mystery

Girls’ Night Murder Mystery

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