The front label of this kickin’ little VQA red reads:

“We are all guilty. We spend our lives making amends for our mistakes. If you think this is true, you have the key to divine redemption in your hands.”

Divine Redemption? I experienced exactly the opposite while sipping away – I was left wanting to seek out a few more guilty men… or, at the very least, create some more as suspects.

I cheated a bit on this one because there was a taste I was having trouble describing, so I peeked at the tasting notes. “Forest Floor” is what it said, and while it made me literally laugh out loud, I can see it… or rather, taste it.
Earthy undertones are an understatement. This wine is very aptly named, as if ever there was a masculine red wine, this would be it. Woody, oaky and yes, even forest floor. Even the process used – both steel and oak barrels, screams
“manly”. Now don’t get me wrong – there is definitely fruity tastes, like cherry and plum, but what I fell for was the fact that it finishes so undeniably smooth that, sip after sip, it left me wanting more. If this is the taste of Guilty Men, I hope they never find the “divine redemption” promised on the label


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