There are a number of different types of mystery party games, and the categories vary greatly depending on the company, which can be a bit confusing for someone just starting out with mystery party games. Here we will talk a bit about some of the most common types of mystery party games and what the classifications mean.


The most popular type of mystery game is a “murder” mystery game, but mystery games can also be found free of murder.

“Murder” mystery parties typically include a murder, either acted out by someone attending or hypothetical. These can also be referred to as “Clue” type games, thanks to the popularity of the board game Clue and Cluedo.

Murder games tend to have adult themes, although some are less “clean” than others. Typically a “clean” murder mystery game is considered to be one that does not make reference to drugs or sex, including adultery. You can always contact the mystery game company to find out if the game you have in mind for your event is considered clean, or what types of references are made during the game that could be offensive to some guests.

Non-murder games are a newer entity in the mystery game industry, and will forgo murder, usually involving a theft or other type of mystery instead. Non-murder mystery games can be family-friendly and can appeal to a wider audience, especially if the attendees are from a conservative type of group, like a church group. Having said that, we actually create many murder mystery activities for church groups and they’re a huge hit.

Non-murder mystery games can have adult themes, but usually are written to be clean. Again, you can always contact the company ahead of time to make sure your mystery party is going to be clean, if that’s something that concerns you.


Non-murder games can also be great for kids’ parties. Kids love to solve mysteries, and there are plenty of kids’ games available online as an instant download. Our games are created to be easy-to-run, and we have even had kids as young as 10 facilitate our games at their own parties. Kids’ mystery party games usually involve a theft or other type of investigation, and can require the guests to work together at some point to come to a common end.

A relatively clean murder game can also be used for a kids’ party, providing the ages of those attending, as well as the maturity level of the guests at the kid’s party, are on par with the plot. Again, if you’re unsure, contact the administrator of the mystery party site to double check and potentially avoid a disaster. To contact us, simply send an email to or, if it reads “Online”, the live chat feature on the right-hand side of our site allows instant contact to us, and if it reads, “Offline”, clicking the icon will allow you to send us a message.

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