For many of us hosts, life is so busy that one day we see a yard haunt as we’re driving down the street and realize that it’s October 24th. We check the calendar, slip out a swear word and wonder if it’s too late to do something fun for Halloween with friends. The answer is, it’s never too late. You just have to get creative and make it really easy for your guests.

1. Plan an activity

Of course, I think an interactive murder mystery is the best, most versatile activity (The Getty Affair, for example, doesn’t require complicated costumes, is a fun mystery and comes in 6-18 suspect versions) and is easy to slip into your party. But any easy activity will make a party something fun and different without spending a lot of time with prepapration. One of the best parties I ever attended was a last-minute New Years party. We were all displaced on New Years Eve because our hosts had a last-minute emergency and couldn’t throw their party. My friend pulled us all together at her house and we played Simpsons Trivia. It was a blast, and so simple. Throw in an easy and yet fun activity that will resonate with your group of friends.

2. Make it a potluck…

… and theme it up. Have everyone bring a Halloween-themed dish and save yourself the time of having to cook all sorts of food for your party. Assign each guest to bring something – a ghoulish drink, a spooky app or a deadly dessert. We’ve got some great recipes on our Pinterest boards for inspiration!

3. Make costumes easy

The easier a costume is, the more chances you have of getting people to your last-minute Halloween party. Tell everyone that they must come in costume, but it has to be something they already have in their house, so that no one feels obligated to go out and spend time and money on a costume. Bed sheet ghosts are encouraged, togas divine and toilet paper mummies perfect. Often, this is more fun, because opening the door and seeing what your friends came up with is far more interesting than seeing what costumes they went out and purchased. The perfect example: LMFAO’s Box Head – animal print pants optional.


4. Dial up your local radio station

In most cities, at least one radio station will play Halloween-themed music on the Hallo-weekend, and/or the evening of Halloween itself. Setting a spooky mood with classic Halloween music could be as easy as turning on yoru radio!

Even the most savvy, prepared host gets caught up and finds herself running behind when organizing a party. With these tips, you can still throw a great Halloween Party at the last minute that your guests will never forget, even though you’re short on time!

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