Chocolate and wine – a combination I didn’t believe could be delicious until my chef friend invited me to a chocolate and wine pairing party – and it was incredible! So, this Merlot-lover thought she would give it a try.

There’s no denying it, it’s sweet! For the first sip, it may be all you can focus on. But once your buds adjust, other flavours start to emerge – definitely mocha, and it’s very, very smooth. A few more seconds reveal what we all decided was the taste of Black Forest Cake (later realizing that was the dark cherries/berries coming through). Those who like sweet wine will love it. If you’re not a fan of the sweet, the lingering berries and cherries in the finish will show you there’s more to this wine than just the chocolate.

Pair it with:

Murder at the Spa and The Bachelorette Party Murder. Like the all-female character suspsects in both of these murder mystery parties, Chocolate Shop Wine at first seems nothing but sweet, but it’s soon discovered there is more to it than first meets the eye…. or should we say, palate?

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