19 Crimes 2014 Shiraz Durif

I will say for the record that this is not my first time sipping on 19 Crimes’ Shiraz Durif. I have enjoyed this wine many times. In fact, I have purchased this wine many times with the intention of reviewing it, but a funny thing happened each and every time. Mysteriously, the wine inside the bottle disappeared, as if by magic, and the review was forgotten as I danced around my living room in my underwear.

Recently, I got together with a girlfriend one evening for a very civilized fondue night en francais and we both ended up bringing a bottle of 19 Crimes (without knowing the other had one as well), and I asked her to review it with me. She is my witness! Again, the wine disappeared and the review did not get written, although we sipped it as we chatted of our own “crimes” in her hot tub until far too late.

But today is the day! I write this not after, but before I begin drinking the wine, lest it disappear without me noting my thoughts before the lovely effects of this shiraz durif takes over my mental faculties.

One of my favourite things about this wine is that it is both a bit spicy and a bit smooth at the same time. The initial sweet sip has the potential to change completely in ones mouth as the wine finishes, which indicates a trickery on the part of the wine that only the best thieves and scoundrels can master. Savour the hints of vanilla and cherries before you experience its smokey finish.

For the record, I have done exactly thirteen of the nineteen crimes that were punishable by transportation to what is now Australia. Put my mug on a label and take me away.

Pair it with:

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