It’s a day like any other at the Smyles Christmas Village and Tree Farm. The holiday season is in full swing, and the Christmas Village is full of patrons enjoying sleigh rides through the forest, sipping hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows in front of the bonfire, getting pictures with Santa or having their faces painted by Santa’s Elves in the Elves’ Nook.

The Smyles family has operated Smyles Christmas Villages for decades. Smyles son Nick has recently returned from travelling to save the family business, and has various media coming for some photo ops and festive PR.

But as he steps down the stairs of the gazebo, social media influencers, media personalities, his mother and the rest of his family watch in horror as he starts to stumble, wheezing, and eventually, collapses on the ground.

Nick Smyles is dead.

What happened? How did he die? Who killed him? Join us this holiday season for a murder mystery investigation that keeps those SLAY bells jingling with a ho-ho-homicide no one will ever forget!

This mystery is a 4/5 on the Angel Rating Scale. The mystery revolves around a murder and has mentions of a relationship between the victim and a character, and mentions of previous suspicious deaths and cancer. It has no sex or drug references. It’s suitable for adults and younger sleuths, and takes place on a tree farm outside the town of Ruby’s Trove, and exists in the same universe as How Alan Puckett Kicked The Bucket and other mysteries.

Murder at Smyles Christmas Village & Tree Farm Mystery Party Game from Shot In The Dark Mysteries

Features Include:

  • Our “Mingle Mystery” format gets your guests sleuthing and interacting to solve the mystery
  • Our trademark, un-boring mystery package materials (no cutting required!)
  • Individual email-able suspect guides to cut down on printing and save the host from “spoilers”
  • Host guide with full instructions and tips to help you prepare for your party
  • Character Complexity Rating (to help hosts better assign characters to their guests)
  • Optional MP3 Announcement of Murder and final “Big Reveal” mystery solution

  • Accusation Forms
  • Invitations
  • Name tags
  • Floor plans – since the mystery takes place with all suspects inside one room, there are no floor plans for this mystery
  • Access to the PLAY! site to send your guests to view the trailer, suspects and more!
  • *NEW* Digital Invitations

Angel Rating

First, choose your number of suspects from the list below!

Attn Phone & Tablet Users! You can purchase the mystery on your phone or tablet however you will be unable to download and extract the zip files without a PC or Mac.

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Great time! This was our second murder mystery party and it generates huge fanfare each time. The mysteries are set up to be challenging but not overly challenging and its great that everyone can participate without knowing who the killer is beforehand! This company is great to work with and is always accommodating to questions.
Jose C
The best party – EVER! Shot in the Dark Mysteries made the planning so easy that we could focus on making our basement look like an 80s prom. Our theme was “Chiller Thriller” and we had a blast decorating. Every person that came said they had so much fun and wanted to host their own parties. The idea that no knows who the killer is works so well. Thanks Shot in the Dark Mysteries for providing an easy, fabulous way to have fun with friends!
Edie J
I love Shot in the Dark mysteries! They made so many of our parties (birthdays, new years, just because!) extra special by getting our friends engaged in solving the crimes! They’re such a great value, and even our friends that aren’t extroverts can get into being a character and sleuthing. I also love that I am able to host and participate in the murder mystery! So much fun!!
Ashley I

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