The mercury is rising. Sundresses have been spotted. Pasty legs and arms are getting tan again. That’s right, summer is coming! It’s time to uncover the pool and invite some friends over for a dip. You could just tell everyone to bring a 6-pack, or you could make your pool the place to be this summer with an unforgettable summer kickoff party this June.

Instead of just having some friends over for a few beers by the pool, why not throw a themed pool party? Whether you’re in the mood to throw a fancy soirée, or you want to let loose with some fun in the sun, a themed party can add a unique flair to your get-together. Here are just a few great ideas for your first (or second) pool party of the season.

Make It Monochrome

Put out posh invitations for a black-and-white pool party. Tell all of your friends to bring their best monochrome fashion forward. You’ll see all kinds of fashions and different cuts of swimsuits, all in black and white. If you throw the party in the afternoon, everyone will have fun basking in the sun and taking a dip. If you decide on an evening party, everyone might just want to lounge around the pool in their posh black-and-white cover-ups.

The key to making this kind of party really work is to make sure everyone knows what kind of vibe you’re going for. Pick an invitation design that’s suitably classy and upscale. Tell your guests that they simply have to wear something fabulous (and only in black and white). They’ll get the hint, and they’ll put their best foot forward.

That said, you have to make sure that you hold up your end of the bargain, too. You can’t tell your guests that they need to be posh and then serve them hot dogs and potato chips. Stick with your own theme with the refreshments. Offer white or dark chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne in fancy flutes, rum and Coke, and/or white Russians. Keep it high class, and everyone will love it!

Pirates in the Pool!

If you and your friends are a bit more casual, and an upscale party really isn’t your thing, consider a sillier theme. Throw a pirate party! This kind of theme works brilliantly for an all-adult party or a party that includes the kids. Invest in a couple of pirate ship floats, some funny hats and eye patches, blow-up swords, and a few bottles of rum.

When you set the stage for a pirate party, your guests will let loose and buckle some serious swash. Your party will be the talk of the town all summer long!

Bring a Murder Mystery to the Pool

Let’s solve a mystery! Your guests are the suspects in Shot In The Dark Mysteries’ Mingle Mystery Parties. A Hawaiian Homicide is the perfect pool-side mystery, transporting you and your guests to Polynesian Paradise.

The possibilities are endless. Choose your favorite theme and find a few fun games to go with it. Your friends will be dying to join you for all of your summer pool parties!

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