The Continental Express is one of the most luxurious and prestigious passenger trains in the world! The journey begins in Cape Town and travels north along the west side of the continent of Africa, hitting exotic places like Guinea, the Western Sahara and the Atlas Mountains before finally coming to a stop in Tangier, Morocco.

To ensure the most luxurious experience for its passengers, the Ecliptic Rail Company, or “ERC”, has decked out their passenger train with all the modern luxuries. The Continental Express plays host to people from all walks of life, and passengers are assured a wonderful time aboard one of the world’s most prestigious and luxurious methods of travel.

But when a passenger wakes to find her brother murdered, the travellers find themselves suspects in a murder, and it’s quickly discovered that most on board had reason to kill Harlow Vale!

This mystery is a 3/5 on the Angel Rating Scale. Murder by stabbing, descriptions of blood and crime scenes, Murder by Shooting, prohibition era content, prescription narcotics, alcohol

Features Include:

  • Our “Mingle Mystery” format gets your guests sleuthing and interacting to solve the mystery
  • Our trademark, un-boring mystery package materials (no cutting required!)
  • Individual email-able suspect guides to cut down on printing and save the host from “spoilers”
  • Host guide with full instructions and tips to help you prepare for your party
  • Character Complexity Rating (to help hosts better assign characters to their guests)
  • Optional MP3 Announcement of Murder and final “Big Reveal” mystery solution

  • Accusation Forms
  • Invitations
  • Name tags
  • Floor plans – (if applicable)
  • Access to the PLAY! site to send your guests to view the trailer, suspects and more!
  • *NEW* Digital Invitations

Angel Rating

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Reviews for Murder on the Continental Express

Marvelous! It was such fun! The characters were wonderful and the mystery was rich and complex. We have done several mystery parties and were looking for something different and challenging. This fit the bill exactly. We are looking for our next mystery party now!
Amy M
I played this mystery before it was released and WOW. My friends had to play it virtually but it was an amazing night! The plot was so clever, we were very impressed!
Janice R
This was our first ever time playing and hosting a murder mystery party. After a bunch of research on what company to use, I settled on Shot in the Dark Mysteries because of the wealth of cleaner options. They have everything super laid out for you which makes hosting a breeze!

We let everyone sleuth for about 90 minutes and everyone was really into it! Everyone made their accusations and then we went around explaining why we thought they were the murderer. This part was really fun as it allowed us to hear new information that others had found. Although this was recommended as a more challenging mystery, we were glad we chose it for our first one, and it was even a fun one for accents!!!

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