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Throwing a Murder Mystery Fundraiser?

We love being able to support our clients’ efforts in their community, so we are always excited to help in any way we can when a host wants to use one of our mystery packages for a fundraiser! In fact, our first public event EVER was a fundraiser in a very popular pub in Calgary, Alberta, and it was an incredible success! Ever since, we have encouraged people worldwide to use the package of their choice for a fundraising event, and we throw them ourselves locally to help keep our community thriving! Our “Mingle Mystery” format is perfect for a large-group fundraiser – because you can have a set number of suspects and then have everyone else sleuthing, it fits a fundraiser event perfectly because…

  • You can get volunteers from inside the non-profit to be the suspects, giving supporters a chance to interact with the people behind the initiative. This connection can foster better relationships with supporters going forward, because they now know, and have fun with, the people behind the organization!
  • Our packages are reasonably priced, meaning that more money goes to the actual cause instead of paying for entertainment
  • You don’t have to have your final numbers ahead of time, meaning that you can sell tickets in advance and also at the door – as long as your main suspects are there, you can have any number of sleuths!
  • Money can be made off ticket sales, but also off of selling “cheats” during the mystery – little tidbits of information that the sleuths can use to accelerate their investigation, with all money going to the cause!
  • We are always more than happy to donate a free mystery as a door prize, and share out your fundraiser information on our social channels!

So, just which size of murder mystery package is right for your fundraiser? Well, depending on the number of people you are expecting, you can follow this quick reference. Click any amount to see how the format works!

25-50 guests at the fundraiser

50+ guests at the fundraiser

We discuss mystery parties of up to 100 guests here, but we personally have thrown fundraisers of up to 250 people using exactly this concept!

Want to throw a more sit-down format of murder mystery party, like a gala or a banquet? You will want to read about how to use the Shot In The Dark Mysteries format for a Sit-Down Event!

Good luck with your fundraising efforts, and if we can do anything to help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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