No party. No guests. Just you (and maybe your crew) verses the evidence.

Welcome to Instant Mysteries! Instant Mysteries are the newest type of murder mystery and non-murder mystery investigation from Shot In The Dark Mysteries!

Instant Mysteries are an instant-access, mostly-online mystery investigation that will have you alone or with a small group of people become the detectives to solve the mystery.

We took some of our most popular themes and re-worked them so that they can be solved by as few as a single person, without having to throw a party! What’s more is that if you have solved a particular mystery with your friends at a SHOT murder mystery party, you can revisit the same mystery with new motives and a fresh ending!

Discover the crime, investigate the scene, hear suspect interrogations, crack codes and uncover clues to find the suspect with the motive, means and opportunity! At the end, cast your accusation as a group or select the “Timed Mystery” or “Beat The Clock” and submit your time and accusation digitally to potentially feature on our leaderboard on social media!

Pick your case, then get ready to solve a completely new type of mystery investigation – another first in the industry from Shot In The Dark Mysteries!


Instant Mystery FAQ’s

Instant Mysteries are different versions of our existing murder mystery parties that allow as few as a SINGLE PERSON to investigate the case without having to throw a murder mystery party. Any number of people can solve the Instant Mystery, but to keep things streamlined and prevent confusion of items as you investigate the mystery, we recommend no more than six. Of course, it’s entirely up to you though!
Absolutely! We have switched up the plots and the ending so that our existing clients can revisit the scenes and characters they love, but with a new challenge! So if you have solved any of the Instant Mystery plots at a mystery party, grab the Instant Mystery for a new challenge!
No. Your entire Instant Mystery has been designed to be solved without having to print anything if you choose not to. We do, of course, recommend printing the NOTES pages, as well as the FLOOR PLAN to make your investigation easier to follow, but this is not necessary to investigate the Instant Mystery.

Access to a computer is highly recommended over using a tablet or phone. The reason why is that when accessing some of the files, a desktop or laptop will be able to play the embedded multimedia, whereas these features will not work on a phone or tablet.

Access to the internet

A way to play audio files (the audio files will be very important to your investigation) most computers come with a multimedia player that will auto-open these types of files. Unless you disabled it, you should have no problems clicking on an audio file and having your computer open the file without you having to do anything

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