I know I know, it’s still summer

– what’s all this talk about Halloween already?! It’s okay if you want to boo me and throw things at me, I understand. But I was shocked to find, in early August, all of my favourite stores stocked to the brim with Halloween decorations already!

  • The home decor store had skull martini glasses.

  • The pet store had Guinea pig Halloween costumes.

  • And the Spirit Halloween has already popped up in the town in which I live.

If you’re a hardcore Halloween lover, you know that the last one is essentially the rally cry to all people who start planning their next Halloween parties and haunts on November 1st.

Even I think this is early, but I’m also into it.

It does make me pause though, and wonder if this marketing decision by companies and stores is for a reason (everyone is planning parties earlier because we haven’t been able to have parties for so long) or is it simply backlog and overstock from the past two years?

Either way, and whether you love it or not, we are thinking about Halloween in August.

Of course, at SHOT, Halloween is like Christmas for us. It’s a wild ride of clients new and old, customizations and recommendations. And where I normally put out my Halloween recommendations in late September, I am already being asked to create your Halloween Murder mystery party customizations. If you, our clients and hosts, want it early, we’ve got you.

We are still customizing suspect gender ratios this year, but it is first come first served so make sure you reach out to secure your spot in our customization cue!

Here are our top Murder Mystery Party Game recommendations for Fall of 2022!

The Haunted Island Murders

Ten years ago, a group of teens went out to an island for a party. What happened that night has haunted them ever since, and one... never returned.

Why this mystery for Halloween 2022?

  • Multiple murders – three to be exact!
  • A complex storyline that will thrill veteran sleuths and newbies alike
  • A spooky “And Then There Were None” feel to set the tone for your Halloween party or event!

The Halloween Party Murder

The arrival of a video, which shows the gruesome slaying of one of the party guests, turns this innocent Halloween party into a murder investigation!

Why this mystery for Halloween 2022?

  • A spooky feel with a gruesome murder at a Halloween party
  • Costumes are open to whatever the host decides or the guests choose to wear
  • It’s flexible – you can fit it into your other Halloween party activities and games!

The Game of Realms

When King Tyvion Greyson is found murdered in the Council Room, suddenly it becomes apparent that the castle is full of his enemies

Why this mystery for Halloween 2022?

  • With the launch of House of the Dragon in August 2022, this theme is HOT for fall of 2022.
  • Medieval and Game of Thrones costumes are easy to find right now or order online
  • Themed Halloween parties help your guests who don’t usually dress up to have an easy costume solution

A Vampire Murder

Who would stake an immortal? Why? Not everyone is who they seem to be in this classically gothic vampire murder mystery investigation!

Why this mystery for Halloween 2022?

  • A classic vampire mystery – no sparkling vampires here!
  • So easy for you and your guests to costume – go as simple or as complex as you like
  • Can be used for almost any era, and thrown with a steampunk twist
  • A great excuse to stay up late and show your fangs