Whether you’re hosting the Murder at the Spa Mystery Party Game or just want a nice evening in with some girlfriends, hosting a home spa party is a great excuse to get together for some drinks, fresh food and relaxation.

Throwing a spa party can be as simple or as complex as you like, depending on the amount of time you have to put into your party, the budget you can set for hosting the spa party, and how authentic you want your spa event to feel. For each suggestion below we offer a simple solution, followed by suggestions and tips on how to take your spa-themed party to the next level.


Candles: Decorate with candles everywhere! On side tables, shelves and treatment areas. If you don’t like the idea of candles and the fire hazard they pose, you can switch them up for flame-less candles, which run off batteries and don’t create a flame, just a dim light. Arrange pillar candles in 3’s and tea lights along horizontal surfaces. Also, you can carefully drape scarves over lamp shades to create a dim, soothing lighting effect – again, be sure to keep the material away from the light bulb and don’t leave unattended to prevent fires!

Towels: Roll up towels and use them for your decor. Stack the rolled up towels all over – on shelves, beside chairs and treatment areas. Not only will they be functional, they are also pretty and set the scene.

Scent: Use scented candles, oil burners or potpourri to create a relaxing aroma – lavender, jasmine, chamomile, ylang ylang, clary sage, bergamot, frankincense, and sandalwood are all scents proven to decrease stress and promote relaxation, but really any soft scent you love will set your guests at ease.

Temperature: Ensure the temperature is comfortable – not too cold but certainly not too warm. Imagine you just got out of a warm bath. The temperature of the house should match what would be comfortable for you post-bath, when your skin is wet and feet bare.

Water Bottles: Greet everyone at the door with a bottle of water (custom labels optional). Also place these bottles around the room, house or event venue in formations, coolers or baskets. For Murder at the Spa water bottle labels, click here. (Remember to print your labels on a synthetic material if possible!)

Scatter books related to meditation, relaxation and Zen on your coffee tables and side tables. Also acceptable are beauty magazines – things most busy women just don’t have time to sit down and read unless they’re having a treatment done! If you’re crafty, create framed zen sayings and place them in frames around your house or tape them to walls. For examples of Zen sayings, click here.


Manicures, pedicures and massages, performed by other guests at the party. Have each guest perform a treatment (or, if you have large numbers, you can have a few guests switch off at each station). So, you have a guest giving massages, one doing nails etc. If you decide to do this, make sure each guest has the chance to leave their station to have their own treatment done!

Host a quick, five minute guided meditation to help everyone leave their stress and problems at the door and just let go. Play relaxing music and take your guests through some relaxing, stress-releasing breathing techniques. (The Murder at the Spa Pinterest Board has a great Youtube video you can use!)

Partner with someone who does spa treatments – like Pampered Parties reps, to come in and perform the treatments for you.

Hire an aesthetician to come in and do treatments. To save money, call your local college or beauty college and see if there are any students willing to take on the gig. Many times students will perform treatments for less money in order to gain experience.

Partner with a local company that sells makes and/or sells beauty and/or relaxation products. Or, if you’re feeling really enterprising, you can always make your own products!


Think fresh – fruit and vegetables, cheese and crackers and shrimp cocktail. Whipped yogurt and caramel dips with fruit are a refreshing finger food that guests can enjoy mid-treatment.

Chocolate fondue! Set up a station in your “spa” specifically for enjoying this decadent treat. Set up one or two fondue pots or rent a chocolate fountain for the occasion.


Tea and ice water are perfect drinks to serve at your spa party or event. Choose green tea, which is good for you on so many levels! Serve iced if your party takes place during the hot summer months. Flavour water with fruit for a low-cal and low sugar refreshment, or add mint and lime to pitchers of ice water or soda water for an extra special refreshing drink. If you want to serve alcohol, white wine, champagne and other bubbly spirits are always a hit!

If you’re going to serve spirits, a spa party calls for bubbly and light cocktails. Also, margaritas and daiquiris are a cool and refreshing beverage to serve while treatments are given or murder mystery investigations completed. Check out our Spa Event PINTEREST BOARD for cocktail recipes and more!


Candles or scented body wash wrapped in ribbon and cellophane are a great, cheap and easy favour. Another easy favour is a terry towel bath pillow (like those sold at bath stores), or inflatable bath pillow, an inflatable foot spa, nail files and buffers, bath salts and scented body spray. Give one item as a favour or create a grab bag for your guests to take with them as they leave.

Housecoats and slippers: let each guest wear them while there and then take them home when they leave.

Samples of products: ones you buy, provided by a rep or company you’ve partnered with or ones you made yourself!


Your mystery party does not require you to give out prizes or declare any sort of “winner”. Many hosts, however, decide to do this, with fantastic results. If you choose to offer prizes, here are a few suggestions:

  • A local spa gift certificate
  • Pampering bath products
  • A gift basket from a bath product retailer, like Bath and Body Works
  • A gift certificate for a free murder mystery party (email us for more info!)