How Many Characters for a Murder Mystery Party Game

Small Event of 6-20 People?

Smaller murder mystery parties of six to twenty people are a perfect match for all of our mystery packages. Every mystery party package we launch includes versions for 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 suspects, with two optional “Witness” roles available to purchase as an extra add-on. When you see versions that are in between these numbers available (for example, 7 Females and 6 Males), these are variations that have been created after the fact for clients as “customizations” and then offered for public sale, so we have every combination between six suspects and eighteen available.

When choosing how many suspects you should choose for a mystery party between six and twenty guests, you have two options – go with the mystery party package size that fits your confirmed RSVPs

– OR –

Ask your confirmed guests if they would like to be a suspect/sleuth (because suspects also sleuth, since the killer doesn’t know they are the killer) and get the mystery kit that corresponds to the answers you receive. Honestly, most people go with the first option, but over the years we have had a few of our hosts opt for asking their guests if they want to be suspects or just investigate. We only usually recommend the latter when you have… let’s say 80% of your guest list fun-loving mystery-solving friends and family who are up for anything and the other 20%… not so much. These… more ‘reserved’ people can opt to just sleuth (and within 15 minutes, when they realize they aren’t going to have to do anything stupid, get into it, prove how clever they are by solving the mystery and vow to be a suspect the next time).

For the co-ed mysteries, we start with even numbers of male and female characters. Sometimes though, you don’t have even numbers, and most of the time we can create the version you need, without exceeding the 18 suspect cap. If this is the case with your guest list, get in touch with us to discuss a gender number customization!

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