After a long and bitter cold winter, it’s time to celebrate warm weather and all of these budding blossoms. It’s time to get your friends out of hibernation and enjoy some sunshine. A lot of people have garden parties this time of year, but those aren’t the only springtime parties and events you can host. If you think that all spring-themed parties are the same, you’re so wrong! Check out these great tips and ideas for your spring party.

Baseball is Back

America’s favorite pastime takes the winter off every year, and every year baseball fans spend months counting down the days until the first batter of the season steps up to the plate. Now that spring is in full swing, spring training has started, too. A baseball-themed party is perfect for this time of year, and it’s really easy and inexpensive to cater it yourself.

Think about your theme for a moment. What do you think of when you go to a baseball game? If you’re like most people, you probably think of hot dogs, peanuts, ice-cold soft drinks, and American beer.

You can make better hot dogs at home on the grill than you’ll get at the ballpark, and you can even buy vegetarian hot dogs if you have any friends who don’t eat meat. Peanuts, soft drinks, and beer are all pretty easy and self-explanatory, too.

Encourage everyone to wear their favorite teams’ jersey or baseball cap. You can even throw the ball around with the kids in the back yard. This is a really great party to throw for your friends with kids. What American kid doesn’t like baseball and hot dogs?

Throw a Sundress Party

Instead of girls’ night, throw a sundress party this weekend. You and your lady friends can banish your husbands and boyfriends to watch baseball or take the kids out for ice cream, while you get together and work on soaking up some vitamin D. Send out a ladies-only invite, and get all of your closest female friends to come over in their favorite sundresses. Enjoy afternoon cocktails, gossip, and the warmth of the sun on your shoulders and legs.

For this kind of party, food is optional. If you choose to serve snacks, go with something light, like fruit or veggie trays. Mix up some sangrias or margaritas, and put on your sunhats, ladies!

Break Out the Seersuckers!

A new old trend has been making its way around the garden party scene for the past couple of years, and we love it. For a seersucker party, invite all of your friends to dress up in their finest linen suits and dresses for a classy, retro party. Serve vintage drinks, like Moscow mules and other prohibition cocktails. If you want to complete the experience for your guests, include The Sly Mr. Foxx murder mystery and allow your guests to sleuth while getting to know each other or catching up! You’ll feel like you’ve thrown the classiest costume party ever, and linen is light and comfortable in spring weather.

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