Pursue not the outer entanglements,

Dwell not in the inner Void,

Be serene in he oneness of things,

And dualism vanishes by itself.


It is one’s own mind that creates illusions.

Is this not the greatest self-contradiction?


In the higher realm of true suchness,

there is neither “self” nor “other”:

when direct identification is sought,

we can only say “not two”.


A Zen student walks in

Zen and sits in Zen.

Whether in speech and action, or silence or inaction,

his body dwells in peace.

He smiles at the sword that takes his life.

He keeps his poise even in the moment of death.


The perfect way is without difficulty,

save that it avoids picking and choosing.

Only when you stop liking and disliking

will all be clearly understood.


Our original nature is, in the highest truth, void, silent, pure;

it is glorious and mysterious peaceful joy – and that is all.

Enter deeply into it by awakening to it yourself.

That which is before you is, in all its fullness,

utterly complete.


The stars on the pond;

again the winter shower ruffles the water.


Mind, an unruffled pool.

A thunderbolt! My middle eye shot wide, revealing –

my ordinary self.


In the landscape of spring

there is neither high nor low;

the flowering branches grow naturally

some long, some short.


On the moor: from things

detached completely –

how the skylark sings.


Sayings are excerpts from Sayings and Tales of Zen Buddhism
William Wray

Published by Arcturus Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 1-84193-291-4

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