How to Use the Suspect Guides for your
Murder Mystery Party

Suspect Guides are provided in your mystery materials in a separate file for each role. These guides describe the character, their hidden motives, what information they know that can be shared with everyone else and instructions for how to play. The Guides are formatted in individual files so you can easily send the .pdf file to each guest playing a character. Even better, if you, as the host, would like to participate, you don’t have to worry about handling the clues and potentially spoiling the mystery for yourself.

Each person playing a Suspect will receive a Suspect Guide. These guides tell each Suspect how to play and what to expect… so that you don’t have to!

We strongly recommend emailing each Suspect (guest playing a role) their Suspect Guide to cut down on printing. Sending them their information ahead of time allows them to get familiar with their information. Some Suspects have a complicated back story, and most guests find it helpful to have time to let all of the information sink in, but ultimately, what you do for your party is entirely up to you. Some hosts like to email the Suspect Guides and then print the vital information (found in the last few pages of the Suspect Guide) for their guests to refer to at the party. Others allow their Suspects to print their own information, and still others print everything to give to the Suspects at the party. Find the option that fits your party, your guests and your hosting style and go with it!

How to Email Suspect Guides to Your Guests

It’s easy to email the Suspect Guides to your guests. Simply attach the Suspect Guides to an email to each guest and click “send”. We use a .pdf format because most computers already have a .pdf reader program, like Adobe Acrobat, making it easier for your guests to use their Suspect guides.

More tips for how to host a murder mystery party please!