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Chances are you have been directed to this page by your host or your suspect guide. Simply choose the mystery you will be attending from the selection below, select the version of the mystery you will be investigating (ie: how many suspects, as per your host) and you will be directed to the Play Site for your mystery!

All Kids Mysteries


Mystery at the Match

Mystery in Wonderland

Wizards - The Wands of Procyon


Murder in the Library

Mystery in the Library

Oscar Vanishes

The League of Good Guys

The Wizard of Oz Murder

The Wizard of Oz Murder

All Adult Mysteries

Murder at Smyles Christmas Village & Tree Farm Mystery Party Game from Shot In The Dark Mysteries

Murder at the Seance

Murder at the Seance

How Alan Puckett Kicked The Bucket Main Image

How Alan Puckett Kicked the Bucket

Murder at the Mardi Gras Main Image

Murder at Mardi Gras

Salem Witches

The Mysterious Affair At Stirling Hall

Murder in Venice

Murder on the Continental Express

Haunted Island Murders Murder Mystery Party Game

The Haunted Island

The Halloween Party Murder Mystery Package

The Halloween Party Murder

A Vampire Murder Mystery Party Game Cover

A Vampire Murder

The Winter Wonderland Murder

The Winter Wonderland Murder

The Santa Strangling

1950s Murder

Murder in the Alps Skiing Chalet Murder Mystery Party Game Cover

Murder in the Alps

Death By Chocolate Murder Mystery Party Game

Death By Chocolate

The New Years Eve Party Murder

Murder at the Derby

Murder at the Derby

A Roman Murder

Murder On The Lake

Game of Realms Murder Mystery Party Game Cover

Game of Realms

A Gangster Murder

Murder in Wonderland

Murder in the Winery Mystery Party Game

Murder at the Winery

Murder at the 1980's Prom

Murder at the 1980’s Prom

Murder at Studio Paradise

A Hawaiian Homicide

The Sly Mr. Foxx

Murder at Cherry Creek Saloon

The Ad Man Murder

Murder at the Bourbon Club

A Steampunk Murder

A Flapper Murder

Garden Party Murder