How Many Characters for a Murder Mystery Party Game

Larger Murder Mystery Event of 50-100 Guests?

For a larger murder mystery party event of between fifty to one hundred people we always recommend using a cast of suspects – between 10 and 14 suspects, rather than a full 18 or a smaller amount of six or eight. There are a few reasons why:

  • Your suspects aren’t bombarded with 100 people all at once, as they may be with a 6 or 8 character murder mystery package
  • Your sleuths aren’t trying to keep track of 18 full suspects while in a large crowd, which in and of itself is distracting and can be overwhelming.
  • You, as the party host, have a bit more control over your guests’ movements and where they hang out during your mystery event! Don’t believe me? Check out this short chat about controlling the movement of your party!


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