How To Use The Optional Witness Package

At any great party there always seem to be a few guests who can’t commit to attending, for any number of reasons. While we want to make sure our mystery parties go off without a hitch, we also want to make sure that our guests who can’t commit or arrive at the last minute still have the chance to participate.

Your optional characters pack contains one female and one male character who aren’t integral to the plot but who have information to provide the investigators. This allows them to be involved and give evidence, but if they can’t make it, your mystery is not in jeopardy.

The only difference between the optional characters and the mandatory characters is the “Hide” information. Optional characters do not have hide information, but they are provided with Share information to spread around as they mix and mingle to solve the mystery.

Deliver the optional character suspect guides to your possible guests either before the party or as they arrive, and give them the opportunity to read through their material and understand how the mystery works. They will be circulating like the other players and will get to have just as much fun as everyone else!

Optional characters can also be used for those who may be nervous about being a suspect in the mystery, but they still want to play and be involved more than simply “investigating”. Either way, these optional characters will ensure all of your guests will get to be involved, take on a character and be a part of an event no one will soon forget!