Welcome! Shot In The Dark Mysteries started in 2006 in Calgary, Alberta by our director, Leigh Clements. It’s been a crazy ride since then, but one we have loved every step of the way. Shot In The Dark Mysteries is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and we are proud to serve our clients throughout the English-speaking world.

Leigh Clements

Leigh always felt there was a fundamental flaw in the traditional idea of a mystery party, and that was the “game” aspect. For example: if someone was found murdered, would you really stop the questioning to bob for apples? Have a limbo contest? Not likely. Mystery parties are so much fun – so how did “Mystery Party” become synonymous with “Ridiculous”?! So, Leigh dismantled the traditional turn-based, rounds format that all of the other mystery companies used, omitting everything that was embarrassing and ridiculous for guests, and time-consuming and stressful for hosts. The mission? A TRUE investigation – one that had would leave hosts and guests alike enjoying the experience – not just SAYING that they enjoyed it. A party with integrity… a mystery party so far removed from the silly, humiliating options available. Mingle Mysteries were born.

With the utmost respect for the hosts of our parties, Leigh insisted that everything in this new format would not only be designed to make the mystery the least of the hosts’ responsibilities in throwing a party, it would also be completely INCLUSIVE OF THE HOST. This was another first in the mystery party industry, as until that point, the host had to facilitate, cut clues and could not participate in the actual mystery party itself. Some hosts love to facilitate – to know everything and watch their guests put it all together, and these types of hosts can, by all means, do that with our format. But hosts that wanted to have just as much fun as everyone else suddenly could. It changed the industry.

These differences innovated the entire murder mystery party industry. Even today, this difference is what makes our mystery parties so special. All of your materials are designed to make things easier on you, the host, so you can spend your party enjoying the time you have with your guests – and focus on solving the mystery yourself and having a great time with the people who matter to you most – no silly stunts to arrange, no embarrassing lines to make your friends perform… a classic whodunit investigation stripped of all of the things people hate about murder mystery “games”. Simply download the mystery of your choice, email the suspect guides to your guests (or print and deliver to your guests, if you’re more traditional) and get ready to prove how clever you and your guests really are!

Despite the fact we are now a corporation, Leigh still writes each and every mystery and designs each variation, host guide, suspect guide, ending and alternate ending herself, by hand. As a writer, Leigh’s passion for storytelling still runs deep, and her love of leaving clues for people to solve is only evolving as SHOT grows. Evening events, weekend mystery experiences, escape room design, all of these things keep Leigh inspired.

Leigh Clements of Shot In The Dark Mysteries

Leigh’s infamous “Murder Wall” in action.

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Enjoy your mystery, because we really love being a part of you bringing your people together, face-to-face, for a party no one will EVER forget! Get ready for a KILLER night!


Leigh Clements of Shot In The Dark Mysteries

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