It was the day I realized more people knew me as “The Mystery Maiden” than by my real name, Leigh Clements, that I knew I had found my true calling, and my true love – spinning mysterious webs of murder, theft and intrigue. Shot In The Dark Mysteries started in 2007 in Calgary, Alberta. It’s been a crazy ride since then, but one I have loved every step of the way. Shot In The Dark Mysteries is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and we are proud to serve our clients worldwide from our webstore.

So, what kind of person plots murder for a living? Well, first off, creating unforgettable memories is my number one goal in everything I do. But, like you, I’m SUPER BUSY! Most days I wish I had six more arms, three more keyboards and a button to put the world on pause. Add pulling everyone dear to me together for an evening that won’t involve me asleep behind the sofa? Impossible!

I always felt there was a fundamental flaw in the traditional idea of a mystery party, and that was the “game” aspect. For example: if someone was found murdered, would you really stop the questioning to bob for apples? Have a limbo contest? Not likely. Mystery parties are so much fun – so how did “Mystery Party” become synonymous with “Ridiculous”?! So, I looked at everything embarrassing and ridiculous and time-consuming and stressful associated with a traditional murder mystery “game” and decided to create a format that excluded all that – a format that would leave a host feeling proud to throw a party with integrity – a classy mystery party that, at the end, people actually enjoyed – not just SAID they enjoyed.

That’s what makes our mystery parties so special. All of your materials are designed to make things easier on you, the host, so you can spend your party enjoying the time you have with your guests – and focus on solving the mystery yourself and having a great time with the people who matter to you most – no silly stunts to arrange, no embarrassing lines to make your friends perform… a classic whodunit investigation stripped of all of the things people hate about murder mystery “games”. Simply download the mystery of your choice, email the suspect guides to your guests (or print and deliver to your guests, if you’re more traditional) and get ready to prove how clever you and your guests really are!

I love to write mysteries from bygone eras, and have a particular attraction to the 1920s (we have 4 mysteries set in the 20’s already, and counting!) But really, anything mysterious gets me. When I’m not plotting murder, I’m either off adventuring or planning my next adventure. I love it even more when I can mix the two – adventure travel and mystery!

We love to hear from you! Send us a message or dial us up on live chat (to the right of your screen – if we’re not online or helping another client it will take a message for you and deliver it to us)! Enjoy your mystery, because I really enjoyed making it for you! 🙂

Leigh Clements
The Mystery Maiden
Shot In The Dark