If you have been invited to a mystery party and you didn’t receive any “Costume” suggestions in your Suspect Guide, chances are you have been invited to a  “Costume Casual” murder mystery party. What this means is that we, as mystery package creators, do not specify what you should wear.

Those who have experience with “traditional” mystery party games are probably used to being told what they need to wear, right down to the colour of their underwear! So, when faced with a “Costume Casual” murder mystery party invitation, some guests can feel a bit unguided, as they aren’t being told exactly what to wear.

The reason we offer Costume Casual murder mystery party packages is to make your host’s life easier. The mystery is designed to fit into any party situation or theme, so your first step in determining what to wear is to find out if your host has a theme for their party. This can be anything, so your first step is to re-visit your invitation and see if there is a pre-specified theme to the party.

If it’s not obvious, your next step is to ask your host if there’s a theme, and what she wants everyone to wear.

If your host has not designated a theme, you are free to wear what will work best for you personally. Instead of running around the city (or the internet) to find the costume we designate, often with a Costume Casual mystery, you can wear something you already own. Or, if your perception of your character is different than what already lurks in the depths of your closet, it’s a great excuse to buy something new!

While we won’t tell you exactly what to wear, in what colour and size, style and accessories, we will give you an idea of your Suspect Description in your Suspect Guide. This description should aid you in deciding what to wear. If your Suspect Description tells you that your character loves the finer things in life, you may wish to wear some oversized costume jewelry and some designer knock-off clothes over a pair of yoga pants and t-shirt. If your Suspect Description says your character is a total slacker who sits on a stinky couch in his parents’ basement all day, you may forego a three-piece suit in favour of a holey bathrobe and sweats.

If your host hasn’t specified a theme and you’re left up to your own devices on deciding what to wear, you’re certainly not alone. We are always here to help, and if you need some ideas or would like to talk through certain aspects of your Suspect, don’t hesitate to contact us. Shoot us an email at hello (at) shotinthedarkmysteries (dot) com, or connect with us on instagram (@shotinthedarkmysteries) or Facebook (Facebook.com/shotinthedarkmysteries)

We also have a Pinterest board for most of our mysteries, as well as some generic murder mystery party costume ideas on our Pinterest boards at: http://pinterest.com/mysterymaiden/

Costume Casual mysteries are designed to make your host’s life easier, the party more successful and be flexible enough to fit into virtually any situation. Now that you know how to select your own outfit when attending a “Costume Casual” mystery party, so have some fun and get creative!