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Join us, March 20-22, 2020 in Georgia for a three day 1920s Gatsby-themed getaway at the absolutely enchanting Reynolds Mansion on Sapelo Island! Take on a suspect role, crack codes, gather treasures and then come together for a true investigation to find the killer!

The Roaring 20s are underway. The end of the war has meant the start of a renewed sense of passion and joie de vive. Unfortunately, two years ago the government implemented prohibition, the ban of the sale, manufacture and transport of alcohol.

Welcome to the Reynolds Mansion, a grand estate on Sapelo Island. This mansion, owned by R.J. Reynolds Jr. has tennis courts, a swimming pool, a pirate-themed games room in the basement and a circus-themed second floor. The mansion boasts 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The library is renowed, and the shelves are stocked with many books from the eccentric millionaire’s personal collection. With a vast white sand beach a mile down the road and Spanish moss hanging from giant live oak trees, visitors to the Reynolds Mansion are treated to a stunning and magical setting they never forget.

R.J. Reynolds Jr, son of the wealthy tobaccoist of the same name, purchased the island and this mansion on his 28th birthday. Reynolds often lends out the mansion to his friends when he is not there, and he has agreed to let Mr. Foxx use the estate and grounds to throw this gathering.

And while guests would like to thank Mr. Foxx for his hospitality, he is very elusive and mysterious. No one has ever claimed to have seen him, and some insist he is nothing more than a ghost. If so, then what is the purpose behind this gathering? Why are the guests so strangely varied?

But when one of the guests is found dead in the pool, the mysterious party turns into a murder investigation as the attendees race to discover who among them is a killer!

For Tickets Call: (912) 485-2299

Loose Itinerary (full itinerary to follow)

Friday, March 20, 2020

  • Arrive at Sapelo Island by ferry from the Sapelo Island Visitors Center in Darien, GA and be transfered to the mansion
  • Welcome drink and meet and greet
  • Get settled and relax for a bit or explore the mansion and grounds
  • Dinner in the formal dining room, formal 1920s dress, introduction of the suspects and the Announcement of Murder

Saturday March 21st

  • Breakfast in the stunning conservatory
  • Spend the morning and early afternoon inside the mansion and around the grounds and the white sand beach following clues and cracking codes to gather more information about the mystery
  • Dinner
  • Cocktail party-style investigation – question the other suspects to find who had the motive, means and opportunity to commit the murder!

Sunday March 22nd

  • Breakfast and Accusations
  • The killer is revealed!
  • Free time before being escorted back to the ferry to the mainland!

Tickets are $699 per person and include all meals, the mystery experience, scavenger hunt items and transfers to and from the mainland.

For Tickets Call: (912) 485-2299

Tickets are EXTREMELY limited – the mansion only sleeps 20 so be sure to get your tickets early by calling the Reynolds Mansion at (912) 485-2299!