As summer winds down, many of us will be clinging to the nice weather and entertaining outdoors. As the days become shorter though, there are new party obstacles to overcome – mosquitoes, lack of visibility and other outdoor dangers are heightened when the sun goes down, so follow these tips to ensure you have a great outdoor get-together – while you still can!

Battle of the Bugs

There are only three things in life that are certain – death, taxes and mosquitoes! (Didn’t see that one coming, did you?) Mosquitoes suck (in more ways than one), so protect yourself and your guests by providing a spray that contains DEET. To make sure mosquitoes are all you’re repelling, opt for the nicer smelling repellant so your guests won’t run from the stench. Citronella candles and citronella yard pellets are two easy ways to repel mosquitoes, but for people with sweet blood, aren’t always 100% effective. Try a mosquito net around your entertaining area to protect everyone coming to your gathering.

Cover the Food

Even if you have nipped the mosquito problem in the butt, make sure you cover any food you may have out. Some bugs will always slip through. When you’re a kid, eating bugs provides extra protein, but as an adult, aphids in your food are just gross.

Exciting Lighting

Lighting your outdoor space need not be boring! Line your paths and bushes with solar lighting to set a great mood – plus, it’s the environmental choice! The polar bears will thank you. Alternatively, set tiki torches around your outdoor space and let the luau begin!


De-cluttering isn’t just good for your closet it is also good for your outdoor area, especially if people are walking barefoot. Remove toys, blocks of wood, etc. from the entertaining area so no one trips, and fill any holes in the ground or make sure they are clearly marked. Speaking of walking barefoot. . .

Pick up the Poo

If you have a pet, make sure you clean up the poo, cause – EW!


If you’re blessed enough to live in an area where backyard fires are not considered evil, rejoice! Just make sure your fire does not get too big, and make sure you have water on hand in case you need to put it out in a hurry. Don’t burn things like Styrofoam or plastic – be kind to our ozone layer!

Join the Dark Side

Why not use the darkness to your advantage? Consider glow-in-the-dark decorations to say sayonara to summer with a touch of fun!

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