How to Use the Optional Witness Packages Shot In The Dark Mysteries Gal on pink and white backgroundHow to Use the Optional Witness Packages for your Murder Mystery Party

As hosts, it’s not always easy to get a 100% commitment out of our guests for a party – and understandably so – life is busy! So, how do you plan a murder mystery party with necessary characters when a few of your guests can give you a ‘maybe’ at best?

Well, with our interactive mingle mystery format, there are lots of ways to make this scenario work. For more on how to have a portion of your guests simply investigate instead of taking on a suspect roll themselves, check this out:

How Many Suspects Are Right For Your Murder Mystery Party?

But we do offer a potential solution in the Optional Witness Package. This is an optional package that you can add on to your mystery package either at the time of purchase (if you know you have one or two maybes) or after your purchase, if your numbers change.

How it works is this: the Optional Witness Package has two characters who are not integral to the plot. In an all-female murder mystery party game, those two characters will be female. In a Co-Ed mystery, you will find one male and one female roll. If you need different genders from this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we can see what we can do for you!

The Optional Witness rolls are just that – they have a character name, name tag and suspect guide, as well as “Share” information – what they have seen or know pertaining to the murder or crime. What they don’t have is “Hide” information, or their own secret motives. So, you can easily use these characters if you need to, but if your “Maybes” can’t make it in the end, your mystery party will be unaffected!


How Else To Use the Optional Witness Package

There are, of course, other ways to use the Optional Witness Package to supplement your party and guests. For example, if you have guests who are maybe a bit on the shy side, or perhaps a younger sleuth in one of our “Clean” mystery packages who wants to be involved and circulate information but perhaps isn’t advanced enough to hold down a suspect roll themselves. Also, if you have a guest who is a bit apprehensive – for example, they are worried they might mess something up and ruin your party – those guests can also take on an Optional Witness roll instead and participate in a way that may be more comfortable for them.

You can also use the Optional Witnesses to supplement your murder mystery party guest list numbers. Because we cap our mysteries at 18 Suspects for quality purposes (want to know why? Click here!), if your numbers equal slightly more than that (19 or 20), you can use the Optional Witness Package to make up a few extras so that you don’t just have one or two without characters.

You can pick up an Optional Witness Package when you purchase your murder mystery package or anytime after!


Check out the Optional Witness Packages!

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