Whether it’s because of moral or health issues, chances are you’ll have a guest or two at your party who will not be drinking. Sure, some can get by with soda or water, but don’t we want ALL of our guests to have a fantastic time, whether they are drinking or not? Here are some great non-alcoholic drink ideas for your health-conscious, recovering addict or pregnant guests – after all, a great party is made great by the host’s attention to small details.

1. Sparkling Apple Cider

Serve it in a wine glass or, even better, a champagne flute, for that extra touch of class.

2. Apricoto Mint Julep

It sounds delicious because it is! Apricot, lime juice and honey or sweetener. Add a touch of club soda for some delightful bubbles!

3. Cinnamon Cranberry Refresher

Cinnamon tea, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, honey or sugar and some club soda (optional). Add a cinnamon stick for a yummy visual.

4. Italian Soda

Italian sodas are dangerously easy to make, and so refreshing! Take a trip to Starbucks and get a bottle of syrup, in pretty much any flavour. Add ice and sparkling water to a few squirts of syrup and voila! Depending on the flavour, garnish as you see fit. Add fresh mint to most to liven it up even more, and to really impress, serve in a tall frosted cocktail glass.

5. Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker

If for no other reason, serve this drink to start a fun conversation amongst your guests! Plus, it calls for Angostura Bitters, which we love in any drink, anytime, anywhere!

Equal parts tonic water and lime juice, 3-5 drops of bitters, depending on the glass size. Garnish with orange wedge, peel or zest!

Of course, virgin versions of the traditional cocktails will also work, but use these five easy non-alcoholic drink ideas at your next party to give your non-drinker guests a little bit extra, and throw the party that everyone will rave about for years to come!

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