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  • Top 6 Murder Mystery Party Games for Fall 2019

    The kids are heading back to school and the air is turning just a bit crisp and cool. It's time for us hosts to mentally shift our entertaining strategy – from outdoor fun and long [...]

  • Murder in the 50's, Murder Mystery Game

    1950s Murder Mystery Party Game

    It's 1956 in Winter Springs, an idyllic town that is the personification of the 'dream life', with white picket fences line the streets, behind which live the happiest families! At least, that's what the residents of Winter Springs would have you believe...

  • Death By Chocolate, Murder Mystery Game

    Death By Chocolate Murder Mystery Party Game

    World-famous chocolatier Olivier Venesse is an enigmatic man. Renowned for not only his chocolate, but also for his mysterious ability to change the lives of those who taste his wares, getting an audience with Olivier Venesse was a difficult process. Not only was he choosy about those he worked with, he also had a habit of disappearing for months at a time. Inevitably he would emerge from wherever he had been and begin working with clients once again. But tonight, his work will come to an end for good, as he has been found drowned in his own chocolate at his own retirement party!

  • Murder at the Derby, Murder Mystery Game

    Murder at the Derby Murder Mystery Party Game

    A double murder means two murders to investigate! Those attending the exclusive Millionaire's Row at the derby today have a unique opportunity - to greet the horse of their choice in the stables before the race. But when two bodies are found in one of the stable stalls and the horse inside is discovered missing, it's up to everyone to figure out the killer or killers and determine where the missing horse is, or scandal will befall these rich and famous derby enthusiasts!

  • A Roman Murder, Murder Mystery Game

    A Roman Murder Mystery Party Game

    The year is 176 and Marcus Aurelius, one of two Emperors of Rome, has been off expanding the Roman Empire. He has returned to the Imperial Palace in Rome for two reasons: the birthday party of his daughter, Lucilla, and to complete the marriage arrangement between his only surviving son, Commodus, and a young woman named Drusa Clovius. But when Drusa is found murdered, it's up to everyone to find the killer - not only as justice for the victim, but also to prevent another war that the Roman Empire can ill afford!

  • Murder on the Lake, Murder Mystery Game

    Murder On The Lake Murder Mystery Party Game

    Brizo Island... those lucky enough to own a cottage here can escape the big city and find peace and tranquility near one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. But Brizo Island is also a place full of secrets... secrets the residents will do anything to protect. When a man is found dead in the bay, those on the island are forced to find the killer or risk having their secrets uncovered!

  • The Game of Realms Murder, Murder Mystery Game

    Game of Realms Murder Mystery Party Game

    Long ago, seven realms existed in relative peace and harmony, with one king ruling all the realms. While one king ruled them all, each realm retained their unique system of rule befitting their culture.

Another great party in the books! Thanks again!

Lisa Marie
Played Murder in the 1950’s

Murder in the 1950's Murder Mystery Game

Murder at the Derby was AMAZING! We had such a good time!

Thank you for such a wonderful party!

Scott, repeat client
Played Murder at the Derby

Murder at the Derby Murder Mystery Game

Fabulous night of fun!

Can’t wait to pick and organise the next one later this year!

Played The Ad Man Murder

The Ad Man Murder, Murder Mystery Game

Seriously can’t thank you guys enough! I purchased my first mystery and it will not be my last!

Shot in the Dark made everything so easy!

Played The Hawaiian Homicide

The Hawaiian Homicde, Murder Mystery Game

Two days after the disco party and my guests are already asking for mystery #3.

Thank you so much for everything.

Michelle, Repeat Client
Played Murder The AdMan Murder

The Adman Murder, Murder Mystery Game

We had a great time, an even better time than any of us thought we were doing this.

We will definitely be doing it again!

Played Cherry Creek Saloon

Murder at the Cherry Creek Saloon, Murder Mystery Game

I was so pleased to find your company, before that I did the BOX murders, yours are SO much better.

EVERYONE waits to be invited.

Desiree, 3 Time Repeat Client
Played The Vampire Murder

The Vampire Murder, Murder Mystery Game

This was our 5th time hosting one of your mysteries and we always have such a blast!

Thank you for what you do!

Amy, 5 time repeat client
Played Murder at the 1980s Prom

Murder at the Prom, Murder Mystery Game

It was hysterical, [the guests] all ended up in a big accusation group accusing each other of what they knew!

It was like that scene in every murder mystery show!

Played A Flapper Murder

A Flapper Murder in the 1920's Speakeasy, Murder Mystery Game

We love your mysteries and we had so much fun at our last party this new years doing the 80s prom!

Can’t wait for the next one!

Played Murder at the 1980s Prom

Murder at the Prom, Murder Mystery Game

We had a great time in OZ tonight!

Thank you for another great party!

Played Murder in Oz

Wizard of Oz, Murder Mystery Game

It really was a blast!

We are still going back and forth in text messages today about how much fun we had together.

Played Murder at Studio Paradise

Murder at Studio Paradise, Murder Mystery Game

The teachers went to the dollar store for crowns and feathers and what not.

We also have them awards at the end like Oscars and took their photos.

Played Oscar Vanishes

Oscar Vanishes, Theft Mystery Game

I just wanted to say thank you for your great customer service and brilliant game.

This was the first time I have hosted anything like this! I can’t wait to host anyone one.

Played A Flapper Murder

A flapper Murder at the 1920's Speakeasy, Murder Mystery Game

Your company has been wonderful to us and so very accommodating too.

Thanks again.

Alice, Repeat Client
Played Mystery in the Library

Mystery at the Library, theft Mystery Game

So helpful! I was very excited to find your site as birthday parties genuinely make me want to weep.

Whereas these are so vast and varied and fun!

Played Mystery at the Match

Mystery at the Match, Theft Mystery Game

Love your Mystery parties!

Had two so far for New Year’s Eve!

Scott, Repeat Client
Played Murder in Wonderland

Murder in Wonderland, Murder Mystery Game

We transformed a local bar into The Half Moon Club and hosted an event for over 50 people!

It was the bees knees doll! Thanks for making this awesome event possible.

Played A Flapper Murder

A Flapper Murder at the 1920's Speakeasy, Murder Mystery Game

Great story. Everyone got SO into their characters and we had tons of great feedback.

Definitely have to do another one.

Played A Flapper Murder

A Flapper Murder at the 1920's Speakeasy, Murder Mystery Game

I am planning my 7th annual murder mystery party.

All have been yours!

Meaghan, A LOT of SHOT mysteries!
Played Pirates Revenge

The Pirates Revenge, Murder Mystery Game

We had a blast last night celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary.

Murder at the Winery was our first SHOT party, but it won’t be our last!

Played Murder at the Winery

Murder at the Winery, Murder Mystery Game

Folks who have spent many Sundays sitting in the same church but never spoke got together and laughed and whooped it up!

A GREAT evening!

Played Cherry Creek Saloon

Murder at Cherry Creek Saloon, Murder Mystery Game

The game was so much fun.

Thanks for all your help!

Deb Berger
Played A Steampunk Murder

A Steampunk Murder, Murder Mystery Game

We loved the freedom of the mingle format.

Keep up the good work, we’ll be back next year!

Sara Haviland
Played Murder at the Spa

Murder at the Spa, Murder Mystery Game

Are you looking for an easy, hassle-free murder mystery investigation game to suit your unique party? You’ve come to the right place! Our mysteries create an actual investigation at your party – no silly stunts or ridiculous lines – just straight-up sleuthing to find who had the motive, means and opportunity to commit the murder or theft. Your guests will be questioning one another, not breaking their backs in a limbo contest, and instead of bobbing for apples or performing the Running Man, they will be proving just how clever they are. SHOT creates murder mystery party investigation games for the rest of us, in a format that will fit your guest list and create an event no one will ever forget!

Why Choose Shot In The Dark Mysteries?

The Original Mingle Mystery Investigation

No scripts, rounds or silly stunts; a genuine investigation that gets your guests sleuthing as a detective would, searching for the person who had the motive, means and opportunity to commit the murder.

The Host Can Be A Suspect

We hosts work hard to throw parties, and we believe that you, as the host, should be able to take on a suspect role if you choose and solve the mystery as well. You should get to have just as much fun as your guests!

The Best Customer Service

This is not just some hobby we do in our spare time. Mystery parties are ALL we do – we eat, sleep and breathe this company, and we pride ourselves on being here to serve our clients worldwide through email and live chat.

The SHOT! Format Explained

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