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Party Hosting Flop – The Pool Party From Hell!

Today on The Art of Party Hosting Blog, Leigh’s sharing a particularly horrible pool party experience, in the spirit of exploring the DON’Ts of party hosting as much as we explore the DOs! The hosts insisted I stay, and what happened next would throw me, someone who can talk to anyone and make friends wherever [...]

How to Host a Derby Themed Party

Throw the party of a lifetime with a Kentucky Derby-themed soirée! Whether you’re an avid horse racing fan, mystery lover or just looking to throw something unique, this guide will help you plan and host a derby day shindig that your guests won’t soon forget. From choosing the right decorations and refreshments, to setting [...]

How to Throw a Wine and Cheese Party

How to Host a Wine and Cheese Pairing Party Hosting at home has never been more popular. Yet, many hosts shy away from hosting a wine and cheese pairing because they lack the knowledge to make it feel like an actual cheese pairing. The specialized knowledge of both wines and cheese takes [...]

How to Throw a Murder Mystery Party Game

How to Throw a Murder Mystery Party Game Murder mystery parties are a great way to pull together your friends for an evening of mystery, intrigue and fun. A murder mystery game is a way to shake up your entertaining and leave your guests with memories they will never forget! Whether you choose a theme [...]

Share your SHOT Mystery Party photos for the chance to win!

Share your SHOT Mystery Party photos for the chance to win! For those who have been with SHOT for years, you may remember that, pre-Covid, we ran a weekly photo contest! Well, we are excited to announce that the SHOT Photo Contest is returning! Entering is easy! Simply go to Google.com and Google [...]

How to Throw a Skiing in the Alps or a Chalet Party

Are you ready to take your next party up a notch? With an Alps skiing-themed party, you’ll be sure to impress with your décor, food, music, costumes and drinks – and might we suggest a murder mystery? (wink wink) Read on for our guide on how to throw an unforgettable Alps themed ski party. [...]

How to Throw a Wonderland Mystery

Sometimes, we all want to fall down the same rabbit hole as Alice and escape reality - just for one night! When that urge for madness comes upon us, the only reasonable thing to do is quite unreasonable to be sure. You must, of course, bring Wonderland to life. Curiouser and Curiouser [...]

7 Ideas for a (Boozy!) Outdoor Tea Party

Life's too short to waste a tea set! Let's talk tea parties, and how to fill those cups with cocktails! We have gone through the archives to help make your outdoor, tipsy tea party unforgettable! 1. Mix it Up! Make tea-infused cocktails to bring the aforementioned boozy spin to [...]

How to Host a Murder Mystery on Google Meet

10 Easy Steps to Host a Murder Mystery on Google Meet Choose Your Mystery Shot In The Dark Mysteries' 1500+ mystery variations are all available for virtual parties! These interactive mystery party kits have a theme or costume element are perfect for hosting online with your friends and family virtually! Some of our [...]


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