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Oh Hey There, Fellow Canadian!

Canadians! You will be charged in CAD! The past two decades have been quite the ride for Calgarian Leigh Clements, who started Shot In The Dark Mysteries from a small apartment just off 17th Ave in Calgary. Since, she has moved all over the country, writing murder mystery parties and hosting whenever she [...]

How To Choose The Perfect Party Venue

Now that you have chosen your theme and set your party date (and still have your sanity in tact!) it’s time to consider your party venue. This can be as simple as saying “My living room”, but may also, depending on your theme/occasion, may require a larger venue to hold all your guests! The theme [...]

Choosing The Theme of Your Party – The Art of Party Hosting

"While not every party is a theme party, ever party has a theme" - Leigh Clements, Shot In The Dark Mysteries Some people hear the words “theme” and “party” and immediately envision togas or ugly sweaters. And while these certainly are types of party themes, the truth is that every party, regardless of how big, [...]

Theme Party Ideas for 2024

We say it all the time here at SHOT - while not every party is a theme party, every party has a theme. While brainstorming a great theme for your party, remember to focus on the experience you're trying to create. The theme of your party is one of the most important thing that we, [...]

How to Perfectly Time Your Party Menu

When it comes to hosting a party, the timing of your event can speak volumes about the kind of food you should serve. It’s not just about what’s on the menu; it’s also about when your guests will be enjoying it. Understanding this subtle communication can elevate your hosting game. [...]

The Winter Wonderland Murder Mystery Party

You're invited to the holiday party of the year! Betty Crosby, wife of famous football star Joseph Crosby, is hosting her annual Christmas Party fundraiser in her home. This year's theme is Winter Wonderland, and celebrities and society's elite are vying for an invitation.

How to Pull Together a Halloween Party in 24 Hours

This year, Halloween falls mid-week, which means that people are throwing parties both this weekend and next. This is great news for those of us who feel as though October can slip away, and suddenly you’re scrambling for a costume or wishing you had done SOMETHING fun! It’s not too late, and we are masters [...]

The New Years Eve Murder Mystery Party

On New Years Eve, inside the Moxey Estate, a very special celebration is taking place, and the world is watching. At the stroke of midnight, a time-locked safe will be opened, revealing the biggest secret of infamous adventurer and archaeologist Holt Moxey's life.

7 Reasons To Throw A SHOT Murder Mystery Party This Halloween

Spooky Season is upon us! The time has come to unleash the skeleton memes and decorate your lawn! But once the porch is stunning and your eyes are burning, what’s left to do? Well, throw a Murder Mystery Party, of course! __________ Take Me To The Halloween Mysteries, I'm Ready for a KILLER [...]

Murder in the Alps Mystery Party Game Kit

High up in The Alps, a group gathers to enjoy the stunning views, romantic atmosphere and, of course, the best skiing in the world. As the group settles into the chalet, a gruesome discovery is made: A man lies dead outside the chalet, struck and stabbed with a set of ski poles!


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