Looking for an easy, hassle-free murder mystery game to suit your unique party? Welcome to Shot In The Dark Mysteries!

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Isn’t it frustrating to find the perfect mystery theme, only to discover it only allows for 8 guests, when 12 will be attending your party? How disappointing to have to abandon the theme you want because the mystery party company doesn’t offer a version for your number of guests. That’s why we offer a number of variations to our mysteries, and if we don’t have the one you need, we can usually (with enough notice before your party) create the version you need. We think it’s time that a mystery party company started offering you what you need.

The Art Of Party Hosting

Host an Outdoor Dinner Party This Spring

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, you’ll want to get together with your friends more often and enjoy the mild weather. Middle to late spring is a great time to... 

Three Easy and Unforgettable Spring Party Ideas

After a long and bitter cold winter, it’s time to celebrate warm weather and all of these budding blossoms. It’s time to get your friends out of hibernation and enjoy some sunshine.... 

Tips for Mystery Party Guests

What do I wear to a Costume Casual Murder Mystery Party?

If you have been invited to a mystery party and you didn’t receive any “Costume” suggestions in your Suspect Guide, chances are you have been invited to a “Costume Casual”... 

Flapper Costume Ideas

To understand the true spirit of the Roaring 20′s, flapper style, you need to first understand a bit about what was happening that influenced the behaviour, and in a sense, rebellion... 


A Hawaiian Homicide Signature Cocktail

A Hawaiian Homicide   You will need: 1/4 oz Coconut Milk or Cream of Coconut 1.5 oz your favourite gin .5 oz lime juice 1/4 oz maraschino liqueur Fresh Mint or Sliced Lime for garnish... 

Apikalia’s Pineapple South Pacific

Apikalia’s Pineapple South Pacific The Bartender at the Make Kaka Resort Tiki Bar’s personal creation!   You will need: A pineapple 1.5 oz your favourite brandy .5... 

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