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How to Use the Suspect Guides

How to Use the Suspect Guides for your Murder Mystery Party Suspect Guides are provided in your mystery materials in a separate file for each role. These guides describe the character, their hidden motives, what information they know that can be shared with everyone else and instructions for how to play. The Guides are formatted [...]


Optional Witness Package Host Instructions

How To Use The Optional Witness Package At any great party there always seem to be a few guests who can't commit to attending, for any number of reasons. While we want to make sure our mystery parties go off without a hitch, we also want to make sure that our guests who can't commit [...]


How to Use the Optional Witness Package

How to Use the Optional Witness Packages for your Murder Mystery Party As hosts, it's not always easy to get a 100% commitment out of our guests for a party – and understandably so – life is busy! So, how do you plan a murder mystery party with necessary characters when a few of your [...]


How to Use a SHOT Interactive Mingle Murder Mystery Kit for a Dinner Party

How To Use Shot In The Dark Mysteries Murder Mystery Packages for A Dinner Party One of the great things about our murder mystery party packages is how flexible they are. You can use our mystery kits for any type of party - including a sit-down dinner party. When you purchase a package, the instructions [...]


How To Use a SHOT Mystery Package For A Sit-Down Event

  Sit Down Event? Another way to use our flexible murder mystery party game format is for a sit-down event. What do we mean by this? Think a gala, where everyone is sitting down at tables, perhaps for a multi-course dinner. Another example of this is at a seniors' centre or a luncheon. In this [...]


Top 5 Mystery Parties for Summer

Top 5 Murder Mystery Parties for Summer Summer is officially here, and we don't know about you, but on days with sweet heat breezes, we don't want to sit inside. What better way to get your people together for a little face-to-face time than to entice them with a little outdoor get together, creating sweet [...]


Choosing The Right Murder Mystery Package For Your Fundraiser

Throwing a Murder Mystery Fundraiser? We love being able to support our clients' efforts in their community, so we are always excited to help in any way we can when a host wants to use one of our mystery packages for a fundraiser! In fact, our first public event EVER was a fundraiser in a [...]


Controlling The Movement Of Your Mystery Party Event

Advanced party hosting tip comin' atcha! There's a strange phenomenon that happens at larger parties and events. We have observed this time and time again at larger parties of anything more than around 12 people. It's something we call... Bunching Yes, we know, for creative people, that's not a very creative title, but stay with [...]


Fifty to One Hundred Guest Murder Mystery Party

Larger Murder Mystery Event of 50-100 Guests? For a larger murder mystery party event of between fifty to one hundred people we always recommend using a cast of suspects - between 10 and 14 suspects, rather than a full 18 or a smaller amount of six or eight. There are a few reasons why: Your [...]