2 Angel Murder Mystery Party Games

2 Angel Murder Mystery Party Games2024-05-03T08:08:09-04:00

Below you’ll find all of our mystery party game kits that have earned an angel rating of two. To better understand the Angel Ratings, visit our guide to Angel Ratings Here!

Essentially, these mysteries are risqué, and may have some elements that could offend more conservative guests. But what are these elements? The mystery could have earned a 2/5 Angel Rating because of mentions of affairs/sex/adultery or drug references. Click through to each mystery party theme to see what earned the mystery game an Angel Rating of two, and if you want more information, get in touch, we are happy to discuss the content with you in a way that doesn’t risk spoilers for you as the host!

The Ad Man Murder Mystery Party Game

Liquor, cigarettes and betrayal... it's time for the AdAge Convention at The Jury's Inn, gathering the top advertising reps of the 1960's in the same city. It doesn't matter how they spin this - murder is never good publicity.

Murder at Studio Paradise 1970’s Mystery Party Game

The year is 1979 and the disco has ruled for almost a decade. Each evening, celebrities, politicians and other social royalty attend Studio Paradise, while every-day people line up outside the doors, hoping for the chance to get into the exclusive club or, failing that, spot a celebrity. At first it seems like any other evening at Studio Paradise, but when the owner, Louis Savage, is found shot outside his office, the patrons become suspects as his killer is sought. It’s up to the patrons of Studio Paradise to determine who had the motive, means and opportunity to kill the owner of Studio Paradise!

Game of Realms Murder Mystery Party Game

Long ago, seven realms existed in relative peace and harmony, with one king ruling all the realms. While one king ruled them all, each realm retained their unique system of rule befitting their culture.

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