A mysterious invitation brings an unlikely group of guests together at a secret location in Venice – a Black and White themed masquerade.

They are instructed to meet a gondola at a specific place in Venice at a specific time. As the gondola glides beneath the Bridge of Sighs, each person is to don a blindfold.

Once arrived, the blindfold is traded for a mask, and the masquerade begins.

No one knows why they were invited, the reason for the party, or who invited them.

But when a man is found dead in the catacombs beneath the ancient building – a man wearing a red mask and cape – suddenly these strangers are tasked with discovering his killer in order to be allowed to leave.

Who is their mysterious host? Why were they all invited? Who are the others in attendance, and are they connected in any way? And most importantly, who was the victim, The Man in the Red Mask and Cape!

This mystery is a 3/5 on the Angel Rating Scale. Murder by stabbing, but references to other weapons, descriptions of blood and crime scenes, guns, poison, mentions of an alleged suicide in the back story (ie: not one of the characters present), prescription narcotics, alcohol and in some versions affairs (not between suspects, but with hypothetical people not present). Other mentions of situations listed here that could offend – conservative audiences and religious groups should ALWAYS stick with non-murder, 5-Angel rated mysteries to avoid potentially being offended by content in a pretend murder scenario.


Not everyone will get an invitation, there are reasons for this that you will discover as you go along.

These people do not need an invitation, everyone else, will have one.

Una Voss, Dirk Segundo, Tertia Dior, Guiseppe Cocco, Marco Turri, Serena Capella, Verity Cielo, Jade Delta

So You’re Attending a Mystery Party…

Mystery parties are a lot of fun. If you have been invited to a mystery for the first time, you’re in for a real treat.

How to play a murder mystery game at a party

There has been a murder or a theft! (*gasp*!) But we all know that – that’s the reason we’re getting together, after all. The suspects, anywhere between 6 and 18, will quickly make themselves known. Perhaps you’re a suspect yourself, but you may just be an ‘investigator’ or ‘sleuth’, questioning the suspects, gathering intel and piecing together the puzzle in order to correctly cast your accusation at the end.

If you’re merely attending as an investigator, this sleuthing is the extent of your role. In preparation for the big event we recommend screening old episodes of Murder She Wrote and Agatha Christie movies. Plan out some questions in advance, like ‘where were you at the time of the murder?’ ‘can anyone verify your whereabouts?’ or ‘did you have anything against the deceased?’. From there as you ask the suspects questions, their answers will lead you to more questions. Regardless of your current experience or comfort level, you will quickly find yourself cross-interrogating suspects to identify holes in their stories.

Angel Rating

What Are Angel Ratings?

Are you playing a suspect?

If you are attending the party as a suspect, your role is slightly more complicated – but not by much. Either before the party or as you arrive you’ll receive an information booklet, either printed or via a .PDF file on email.

This guide will tell you about your character and motives, instructions for how to play and more. All the information you will need at the party will be in your guide.

As the party begins you will be questioned by others. You will answer these questions based on the information in your guide. Feel free to bring your guide to the party to refer to. You don’t have to memorize your information – unless you want to, of course! While answering questions you will also be interrogating others.

Guess what! If you’re the killer, you won’t know it. There are a number of reasons for this that are explained further in your guide. Trust us, it’s waaaaaaay better this way.

Regardless of whether you are playing a suspect or attending a mystery party as a sleuth or investigator, you’re going to have a fantastic time, and you’ll be talking about this event for years to come. Just remember to relax and enjoy it! Have fun!

What Do I Wear?

Your host will decide the overall theme of the party if it is costume casual. If your party theme requires a costume of some kind, we have many pinterest boards here with some great ideas for you!

We RARELY specify that a character uses a specific style of dress to make things as easy as possible for you to dress within your comfort level and budget. You may find a vague reference to perhaps your character is known for the cane he uses to get around, or your character loved hats and always wore a different one, but these are few and far between and even then, very generic. We find this makes it easier for you, as a guest, to find a costume no matter where in the world you live, even if it’s from your own closet, and gives you the freedom to be as creative (or uncreative!) as you like!