Salem Witches Murder Mystery Game – Gateway!

Welcome to the Gateway for Salem Witches INSTANT DOWNLOAD murder mystery party game! Please select a version from the options below! Salem Witches All-Female and Co-ed uses characters from the actual witch trials, and whenever possible stays true to the stories of the original victims (while, of course, taking liberties when necessary to create a […]

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The Phantom of the Auction House – Gateway!

The perfect mystery for any party! Two mysteries to solve – the identity of the killer and the mystery of the enigmatic Phantom!

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Vampires vs. Werewolves Mystery Party – Gateway!

Vampires and werewolves face off once again! The peace treaty is broken when word comes of a vampire/werewolf hybrid that has been sommoned to the area by one of the suspects. as it vampire of werewolf who summoned it, and why would they break the treaty after 50 years of peace? A compelling non-murder mystery with an open setting, designed to fit your party, wherever you hold it!

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