Christmas Party

The Santa Strangling Interactive Mingle Murder Mystery Party Game – Gateway!

He sees you when your sleeping…

With the January Mayoral election looming, long time mayor Ed Hanson is about to make his last public appearance of the year, dressed as Santa Claus at Eva Alpha’s Christmas party. But when the mayor, in full Saint Nick outfit, is found strangled with a length of Christmas lights, it’s […]

Murder at the Winery Murder Mystery Party Game – Gateway

In a remote area of Italy, high above a hill, sits Girato Nel Buio Winery. To celebrate their third year releasing the special vintage "Organo", they are holding a tasting, to which some of the industry's elite have been invited. But just before the tasting can commence, a man is found murdered in the cellars! Who killed him and why? Things, and people, are not who they seem!

The Company Christmas Party Murder – Gateway!

A murder mystery suitable for any company Christmas or Holiday party - "clean" (no sex, no drugs) and designed to fit into any party scenario!

The Christmas Party Murder Mystery Game – Gateway

Spreading festive cheer has never been more mysterious. Set at a Christmas Party with no specified host or venue, this mystery is flexible enough to fit into any Christmas or Holiday party scenario!