A 17 suspect masquerade themed murder mystery party set in a building in Venice, Italy. Will accommodate an unlimited number of guests participating as sleuths. You will need a minimum of 17 suspects for this version of the mystery. Suggested investigation time is 2-3 hours. As with all of our mysteries, it is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD mystery package.

Optional Witness

Need an optional witness pack for unexpected guests and not-sures? You can add a two optional character expansion pack here or later on from the Witness Pack on the main menu.

A mysterious invitation brings an unlikely group of guests together at a secret location in Venice – a Black and White themed masquerade.

This mystery is a 3/5 on the Angel Rating Scale.

Murder by stabbing, but references to other weapons, descriptions of blood and crime scenes, guns, poison, mentions of an alleged suicide in the back story (ie: not one of the characters present), prescription narcotics, alcohol and in some versions affairs (not between suspects, but with hypothetical people not present). Other mentions of situations listed here that could offend – conservative audiences and religious groups should ALWAYS stick with non-murder, 5-Angel rated mysteries to avoid potentially being offended by content in a pretend murder scenario.