Mystery Party Kits For Library Programs!

Mystery Party Kits For Library Programs!2024-03-13T12:46:11-04:00

Welcome, library program directors and event organisers!

Each year we help hundreds of libraries around the world throw interactive, unforgettable events with our library and literary mystery and murder mystery party game packages! We know how busy you are, and how planning summer reading programs and summer events can be hectic, so here we have curated some of our favourite family-friendly mystery packages for you to use at your library! We even have a special, severely discounted multiple use Library License for our mysteries to allow you to host a multiple mystery game at your library and still stay in budget!

Our library mystery games are easy to throw and proven to work in multiple scenarios to fit into YOUR idea for your summer literacy program, fundraiser evening and… well, pretty much anything else you’re doing at your library in 2024! Deciding to throw a mystery game investigation at your library will take so much off your plate when it comes to planning and implementing your events, like:

Library Program Brainstorming – the mystery IS the event, so you’re search for the perfect theme, what to do and how to do it ends right here. But since you expected to spend the whole day brainstorming library program ideas, you can spend the rest of the day relaxing! (we won’t tell)

What to do and how to do it – all of our mysteries come with full instructions (also available in audio files, so you can listen to the instructions instead of reading them – I mean, we know you love reading, but if you listen during your morning commute, you can spend your reading time with a good mystery novel instead!

Promotion and gaining interest – our literary and library themed mystery kits create incredible and unique events, which brings down the amount of marketing and promotion required. People are naturally interested in attending, and the fun theme of a mystery to solve creates powerful word of mouth!

Take a peek below at some of the themes we recommend, and you can also view ALL MYSTERY GAME KITS HERE if you want to expand your search!

Murder in Wonderland Mystery Party Game

It has been two weeks since Alice's initial visit to Wonderland, when she went on her crazy adventure after following a rabbit carrying a pocket watch. But when The Caterpillar is found murdered below his mushroom, Alice and all the other residents of Wonderland become suspects in a murder investigation, as well as under suspicion to determine who, or what, drove everyone in Wonderland mad!

Mystery in Wonderland Party Game Kit

An Alice in Wonderland-themed non-murder mystery party set in Wonderland. Can accommodate an unlimited number of players as sleuths or investigators. Instant download materials!

Wizard of Oz Kids Murder Mystery Party

A murder mystery party with suspects based on L. Frank Baum’s classic book, The Wizard of Oz. Can accommodate an unlimited number of players as sleuths or investigators. Instant download materials!

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