Mystery in Wonderland, Theft Mystery Game

A 12 suspect mystery investigation set at in Wonderland, and based on the original book, not the subsequent movies. Will accommodate an unlimited number of guests participating as sleuths. You will need a minimum of 12 suspects for this version of the mystery. Suggested investigation time is 2-3 hours. As with all of our mysteries, it is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD mystery package.

Optional Witness

Need an optional witness pack for unexpected guests and not-sures? You can add a two optional character expansion pack here or later on from the Witness Pack on the main menu.

It has been two weeks since Alice’s initial visit to Wonderland, when she went on her crazy adventure after following a rabbit carrying a pocket watch. Upon her return to reality, Alice couldn’t stop wondering just what made everyone in Wonderland so incredibly mad! Finally, her curiosity got the better of her and down the rabbit hole she went again, to try to get to the bottom of what happened to make everyone in Wonderland completely mad!

This mystery is a 5/5 on the Angel Rating Scale. The mystery to solve is why everyone went mad, and while the plot is challenging, it is suitable for all audiences. There are no mentions of drugs, sex or alcohol, and is suitable for most attendees. Recommended for clever 10-year-olds and up.