Murder in the Library, Murder Mystery Game

A 8 Suspect, clean, murder mystery set in a library. # Will accommodate an unlimited number of guests participating as sleuths. You will need a minimum of 8 suspects for this version of the mystery. Suggested investigation time is 2-3 hours. Murder in the Library is a library-themed mystery that takes place inside an undisclosed library, making it perfect for private events in any venue, or inside a library as a public activity (see the Library Event License version). As with all of our mysteries, it is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD mystery package.

Optional Witness

Need an optional witness pack for unexpected guests and not-sures? You can add a two optional character expansion pack here or later on from the Witness Pack on the main menu.

Inside a regular, ordinary library on a seemingly ordinary day, people read and research and enjoy the peace the library offers. This particular library is known for its community involvement, unique activities and programs and welcoming atmosphere. While visiting, some take breaks and visit the adjoined cafe. But when an ancient manuscript, hidden in a rarely-used back corner of the library, #disappears, the patrons are alarmed. In place of the book sits a small origami fox. The mystery deepens when shortly after, a body is found in one of the book aisles. As the contents of the manuscript are discovered, and it’s quickly realized that the library is full of people with various motives for stealing the ancient text. Who took the book? Why? Where is it now? What was such an important historical text doing shelved in the genealogy section as though it had no importance? Who was the victim, and why was she killed? Question the suspects and test your deductive reasoning to find the person who had the motive, means and opportunity to steal the Sardonic Manuscript, and whether that same suspect is also guilty of murder!

This mystery is a 4 out of 5 on the Angel Rating Scale There is nothing in the content to offend. It is appropriate for all audiences, but is aimed at teens and very clever pre-teens.