Murder at Smyles Christmas Village and Tree Farm!


Investigate the case from The 12 Mysterious Days of Christmas 2022 – Murder at Smyles Christmas Village and Tree Farm, exclusively for participants of 12 Mysterious Days 2023!


Get instant access to all the clues and solve this mystery over the holiday season, alone or with family and friends!

Are you ready, Detective?

Expect a video, text, images, mp3s and more to help you piece together what happened, the suspects, their secrets and motives and, ultimately, who is guilty of murder! Then, cast your accusation among your participants against the suspect who had the motive, means and opportunity to murder Nick Smyles. Then, click on the “Big Reveal” to discover who was right!

While the 12 Mysterious Days is a guided experience, this throwback is a self-guided investigation. After purchase, you will receive a link and a password to access the site and get started on your murder investigation!

Expect to spend approximately two hours investigating this case!


Earn 45 SHOT Rewards on this mystery party!

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