Ghost Stories Expansion Pack for the Haunted Island Murders

Why Choose the Ghost Stories Expansion Pack?

  • Adds Depth to Your Game: Deepens the backstory, making your Murder at the Séance event even more immersive.
  • Flexible Usage: Choose to play the audio or have a talented guest read the transcripts, tailoring the experience to your party’s vibe.

Three Haunting Ghost Stories in both Audio and Transcript Form

1. The Wrath of the Forsaken
This story takes place generations earlier, and can be played at any time. It has no spoilers, and features the backstory of how the island initially became so haunted.

2. The Cursed Amulet
This story takes place generation a century later, when the current Knox family owners bring in reinforcements to help with their “Evil Spirits Problem”.

3. The Curse of the Knox Heirs
This story is listed as the third, but actually takes place before the story of the 4th, and within the 10 year timeline of the The Haunted Island Murders. It covers what happened to Dana Knox’s parents, and can be played before the mystery after The Cursed Amulet, or saved for the end, to be played after The Death of Zach Hames.

4. The Death of Zach Hames
This fourth file is a bit different. It’s the story that emerges from the backstory of the murders you and your guests will be solving – the ghost story of what happened that night at the Knox House 10 years ago, when all our suspects were out there the first time. THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS FILE/AUDIO! Regardless of when you play the other three ghost stories, the fourth one should be reserved for AFTER you have completed the mystery party, the accusations have been cast and the Big Reveal shared. Not only will this save you and your guests from spoilers for your mystery investigation, the details of the story will make more sense after the investigation wraps up, and will wrap up the storyline nicely.