Derby Races and Wagering Expansion Pack

The Races and Expansion Pack includes:

  • Instructions for running the races, as well as a basic, non-exotic betting system that allows anyone, regardless of their skill level, to take and make wagers for the races
  • A customizable wagering format that allows seasoned wagerers to use the package for more complicated, exotic betting
  • Audio mp3 AND mp4 video files, so that you can either listen to the races or watch a video while listening to the races – your choice!
  • Betting Slips
  • A Bets Master’s Sheet (For the Bets Master to keep track of the wagers placed)
  • Participant’s Betting Sheet (For Participants to keep track of their wagers)
  • Race Day Program (with all the horses racing and their odds)
  • Even more excitement to make your Derby murder mystery party one no one will ever forget!

View the Race Day Program

Get ready for an absolute thrill ride with SHOT’s Races and Wagering Expansion Pack! Designed for seamless integration into your Murder at the Derby mystery party or as a standalone activity, this expansion pack promises to amp up the excitement factor like never before. Whether you’re a betting pro or a total newbie, you’ll be swept away by the adrenaline-pumping fun that awaits!

With this expansion pack, you can bet on a derby with your guests, just like if you were in Millionaire’s Row at the Derby! Three race heats lead to a heart-pounding final Championship Heat at Talbott Downs, and this Expansion Pack gives you everything you need to get everyone in on the action!

And don’t worry, hosts! At SHOT, we’ve made sure that you’ll be able to create an unforgettable experience effortlessly, without missing out on any of the action yourself. Your wagering pack guarantees a fantastic time for all! So gear up, place your bets, and let the excitement begin!