How To Download and Use The E-Invitations

Click the image that relates to your purchase or intended mystery. A zip file will download, save to somewhere you will remember.

From your computer, open the zip. There will be these instructions and the PDF file.

Open the PDF, there are several blue rectangles that you can add text to. Simply type in these forms with the information, eg, Date and Time, Place etc.

Click FILE in the top left hand menu

Click SAVE

You can now attach this PDF to an email, when the person at the other end opens it, they can see your time, date and any notes you set.

You can always contact our helpdesk if you are unsure :)

Adult Mysteries

Haunted Island Murders Murder Mystery Party Game
Death By Chocolate Murder Mystery Party Game
Murder at the Derby
Murder at the 1980's Prom
Murder in the Winery Mystery Party Game
Murder at the Mardi Gras Main Image
Murder in the Alps Skiing Chalet Murder Mystery Party Game Cover
A Vampire Murder Mystery Party Game Cover
The Phantom of the Theatre Mystery Party Game from Shot In The Dark Mysteries

Kid’s Mysteries

Wizards - The Wands of Procyon
The Wizard of Oz Murder